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Magento Migrations from BigCommerce

Magento Migrations from BigCommerce
As one of the major names in eCommerce, BigCommerce provides a platform that gives your online store a wide reach. While you can accomplish great things with BigCommerce, you may find yourself wishing for more control over your website. When that happens, you likely need to migrate. Magento can provide you with a robust platform that gives you the control you deserve to create your ultimate eCommerce website.


Magento vs. BigCommerce


BigCommerce divides up its special features depending on the tier of plan you purchase from them. This can mean that you’re missing out on important tools like fraud security, merchandise filtering, and abandoned cart servers that help you bring out your store’s full potential. Additionally, BigCommerce also has a limited number of design options. Magento allows for greater customization while ensuring that you always have ready access to the tools and extensions you need to spur your business’s growth.


Signs It’s Time to Migrate from BigCommerce to Magento


So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to BigCommerce and migrate to Magento? If you’ve been on BigCommerce for an extended period of time, you may find yourself frustrated with the lack of options to create custom redesigns and to scale your website to match your ongoing growth. If you face any of these issues, then migration to a Magento website is your solution.


While BigCommerce does have available extensions, the available options are much fewer than those available to Magento users. As an open-source platform, there are an extensive number of add-ons you can search and discover to better suit your website. If what’s available for BigCommerce isn’t meeting your needs, then Magento can help bring your vision of your store to life.


The Time and Cost of Migrating


Even if you feel that your store is a good candidate for Magento migration, you will still need to allocate the time and resources to complete the process. Most Magento migrations from an existing platform can take three to six months, and you can expect to fall on the higher end of that time frame if you want to perform an extensive amount of customization before your store goes live.


The time frame will also impact the cost of your migration – and so does the ability and efficiency level of your team. Working with the Magento experts of Forix can help you find the migration plan that works for your store preferences, whether you want to simply move your existing store over or you plan to go through a complete site relaunch in the process. Our team has extensive experience in Magento development and design, allowing us to create a store that matches your vision.


Aside from troubleshooting any issues that may occur during the migration process, Forix also provides ongoing technical support to keep your store always running in the best possible condition on your new platform. We know that as an eCommerce business, your customers expect to be able to access your site at any time. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to fix issues with minimal downtime- all you have to do is reach out to us. Work with a reliable Adobe AEM agency- reach out to Forix to hear more.

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