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Integrating Magento Security Patches with Forix Digital

Magento Security Patches Keep Your Website Secure

Your Magento website is the backbone of your eCommerce business. Regular updates of Magento security patches are necessary to keep your Magento site secure and running smoothly. 

As part of our Magento security services package, Forix provides notifications of all new Magento security patches as they become available. We’ll update your Magento site with the latest Magento patches to ensure that your store is protected from malware and cyber attacks.

Because Magento is an open source software, it can be an easy target for hackers and malware. Outdated versions of Magento may be more susceptible to hacking, malicious content, and intrusions. These Magento vulnerability issues can pose a serious risk to your eCommerce web store. Updating your site with the most recent Magento patches will keep your website up to date and safe from malicious content while protecting your customers’ personal data and information. 

What are Magento Security Patches?

A security patch is a code script that can be applied to your existing Magento site in order to address and repair a security risk. Think of it like this: your Magento store is your inflatable life raft, keeping you afloat on the sea of eCommerce. Sometimes, your raft may develop a small hole. Rather than let the hole grow larger and eventually sink your raft, you can simply patch the hole, keeping your raft sea-worthy. The faster you receive and apply the patch, the less damage the hole can do to your raft. This is why it’s important to receive up to date notifications of new patches and to implement them quickly, to ensure smooth sailing for you and your customers.

Applying patch scripts can be a complicated process, and if done incorrectly may cause downtime or other issues with your Magento website. It is recommended to have a Magento certified developer install any new security patches to ensure that the patch is implemented properly and tested on the site to ensure that it has been installed correctly without affecting the rest of the site. 

Implementing the Latest Magento Security Patch with Forix

Forix’s team of Magento certified eCommerce experts are highly qualified to integrate the latest Magento Security Patches into your web store to keep it running smoothly and securely. Patches are released throughout the year to remedy known Magento vulnerability and security issues within the Magento framework. When a new patch is released, it is important to update your site as soon as possible. Failure to implement a security patch leaves your website open to cyber attacks and malicious intrusions. 

Because Magento patches are developed and released to correct known security issues among users, it stands to reason that these security issues are known to hackers as well. When a patch is released, hackers will directly search for and target Magento site users who have not yet implemented the latest patch. This is why it is crucial to perform timely updates of Magento patches as soon as they become available. 

Keep Your Magento Store Secure with Security Patches

You know how important it is to keep your Magento store secured against hackers and malware. Let Forix help you stay up to date on the latest Magento Security Patches to ensure smooth sailing for your eCommerce site.

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