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Forix Offers Magento Security Scan as Part of Our Security Packages

Security is of maximum importance to eCommerce websites because of the need to protect customer data such as credit card numbers and personal information. While Magento does have some good security features available to users right out of the box, implementing and managing those features can be complicated. As part of our Magento Security packages, Forix provides expert management of your Magento security services and implements additional hardening tools designed to help prevent and detect malicious attacks on your site.

Some of the main security concerns facing eCommerce sites are:

  • Spamming
  • Phishing
  • Theft of User Data
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks

Forix helps you address these security concerns through thorough implementation of Magento security audits, maintaining Magento security patches and updates and site monitoring. While Magento security patches are regularly available, it can be complicated to implement and utilize them. Our team of Magento certified experts are here to keep your site safe and secure for you and your users.

Forix Provides Support for Magento Security Breach Concerns

Forix provides clients with top tier security service while implementing Magento security scans to keep your website running strong. If you’ve experienced a Magento security breach of your M1 or M2 website, you know that an intrusion can have serious consequences for your website and business.

Magento 1 End of Life

As you may know, Magento 1 will no longer be supported by Magento official support after June 2020 and Magento 2.0.X has been unsupported since March 2018. This means that Magento is no longer providing security patches and updates or technical support for sites running on Magento 2.0.X and will soon discontinue its support of Magento 1, leaving your website and online store susceptible to hackers and other malicious intrusions.

Forix Magento Security Package Features

To help you keep your Magento site up and running efficiently, Forix offers the following services included in our security packages:

  • Up-time Monitoring: Forix utilizes StatusCake for website monitoring, uptime, and performance testing, to ensure that your website is online and shoppable for users.
  • PCI Compliance Scans: We use Serverscan for ongoing PCI Compliance validation to manage external vulnerabilities.
  • Magento Malware Scanner – Forix uses Sucuri Site Checks to protect your website from malware, viruses, and hackers.
  • Magento Site Speed: We utilize GT Metrix Pro to monitor page speed and performance to ensure your site is running as fast as possible.
  • Server Monitoring: Forix uses server monitoring provided by Zabbix to check for potential overloads or space issues on your site before they become a problem.
  • SSL Monitoring: We provide SSL monitoring to monitor your certificates and applications in order to stay ahead of certificate expirations and prevent website downtime.
  • Magento Version Monitoring: We keep tabs on the latest updates to Magento and let you know when a new version becomes available to keep your website updated.
  • Patch and Version Notification: We’ll let you know when a new security patch is available for your Magento site, and keep you apprised of the newest versions of Magento as they come available.
  • Firewall Implementation and Configuration: We’ll help implement an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) from either Cloudflare of Fastly (depending on your CDN) for added security and protection of your Magento site.

If you’ve experienced a Magento security breach or other security issue, Forix can help. Our Magento certified eCommerce experts are qualified to manage your security concerns by running a Magento security audit and implementing your Magento security patches to ensure your site stays safe and secure. Give us a call today to get started.

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