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Proactive Magento Website Monitoring

Detecting and reacting to malicious software from affecting your Magento site and customers will always be cheaper than responding to it. Our Magento security monitoring services are designed to provide you with the compliance, coverage, and detection needed for rapid response to issues that could slow you down or become revenue killers.

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Website Performance Monitoring

No one likes a slow loading website. Don’t let performance be the issue that kills your conversion rates. Our Magento site performance monitoring services are designed around providing a clear picture of what might be causing issues on your site and how to fix them.

  • SSL Certificate validation and renewal reporting
  • Website page load speed testing (GTMetrix)
  • Magento code integrity monitoring
  • System & software upgrade notifications (MySQL, PHP, Apache, & more)
  • Resource utilization reports

PCI Compliance Upkeep

Don’t let your PCI Compliance certification revoked due to lack of continued scanning and verification. From subtle changes to major site redesigns, changes to your site need to be evaluated to ensure PCI Compliance is verified.

  • Scheduled compliance scans by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)
  • PCI Compliance scanning with Attestation of Compliance (AOC)
  • Dynamic ServerScan “Security Verified” custom seal for your site
  • Point to Point Encryption Qualified Security Assessor (P2PE QSA)

Server Monitoring

Don’t wake up again to a down website and customer complaints that have piling up for hours. Our website security package provides insight into a wide range of potential malicious software issues and general website health indicators that any serious eCommerce website should be monitoring frequently.

  • Enterprise-grade DDoS protection
  • Daily malware scanning for Indicators of Compromise (IOC)
  • Server Uptime Monitoring and Virus Scanning
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) implementation and configuration (WAF)
  • PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance with Cloudflare

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  • Goal planning and support consultations
  • Timeline to begin monitoring
  • Implementation of services

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  • emergencies

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  • patches and security

  • integration challenges

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