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Magento Support for B2B eCommerce

Whether you own a business-to-business (B2B) retail, automotive, food vendor, digital services, or other eCommerce Magento store, you could benefit from Magento ongoing support. Magento and Magento 2 offer an incredible range of website features that B2B owners can take advantage of, including immense flexibility and custom shopping carts. As a budding B2B, your best business move could be to invest in Magento ongoing support and managed services. Here are five services to look for when choosing your support team (all of which you can find with Forix’s ongoing Magento support services).


  1. Prompt Issue Resolution


Most B2Bs can’t afford their Magento websites to be down for any time – much less longer than 24 hours. When an issue arises, you need prompt resolution and automated support services from a dedicated agency. It’s important to find a developer that can monitor your website around the clock in case of a disaster, glitch, security breach, error message, shopping cart problem, or other issue that could present a barrier for purchases. One of the main reasons many B2B owners spend money on ongoing support services is 24/7 monitoring.


Forix is proud to offer constant Magento website monitoring for B2B eCommerce owners. Ongoing support means exactly that at Forix – unbroken, ongoing website support services. We can resolve most B2B website problems within 24 hours, thanks to our 24/7 support. That means your business won’t suffer because you didn’t detect or fix an issue before it impeded a sale. You’ll benefit from a team of developers constantly looking out for your brand. When it comes to running your B2B eCommerce store, absolutely invest in ongoing support.


  1. Dedicated Account Managers and Certified Magento Developers


Not all support agencies are the same. Some offer certified Magento developers and dedicated account managers, while others do not. These are two positions that can totally transform your B2B eCommerce store. A dedicated account manager means you’ll receive one-on-one attention from a top developer. Your account manager will oversee everything related to your website, from general managed services to technical upgrades and store maintenance. Meanwhile, a team of certified developers will be waiting in the wings in case you need any kind of support.


At Forix, every B2B site owner benefits from a dedicated account manager, more than 60 Magento 2 certifications, and over 100 staff members and developers. You’ll literally have the support and managed services of a huge team of experts every step of the way. From the initial creation of your beautiful, high-functioning Magento store to the years of general maintenance and upgrades in your future, Forix will stand by your side. You don’t have to manage your B2B site alone – a top agency wants to offer its ongoing support.


  1. Customer Service Portal


One of the most important things to look for in your B2B site developer is a dedication to customer service. Otherwise, you can’t expect to get the best possible managed support experience from your provider. Great customer service means the ability to ask questions and get answers quickly, through a network of likeminded business owners, top developers, and technical experts. When it comes to maintenance, website support, or other help, you need a provider who is open to receiving your questions and concerns.


Forix offers a centralized customer service portal with a ticketing system for prompt, trackable queries and timely professional help. You can connect directly to experienced developers who can see your website and offer their support. Whether you need technical help to increase site stability or have an urgent task in need of immediate professional attention, Forix’s team will receive your request, resolve it in a timely manner, and keep track of your issues and updates for future reference.


  1. Technical Audits and Maintenance Reports


To beat the competition in the busy B2B eCommerce industry, your website needs to be more than just average. Your goal should be to completely optimize the user experience. Every technical aspect of your site should scream user-friendliness, from the ease of your calls-to-action to the shopping cart and checkout processes. How do you manage this? With ongoing Magento support services and website maintenance for B2Bs.


When you partner with Forix, you’ll benefit from ongoing technical support, comprehensive website audits, and detailed maintenance reports to inform your website management strategy. You’ll discover if your eCommerce store has any potential pitfalls or vulnerable areas in time to resolve the issue before it causes a crash or security breach. Forix Magento maintenance can keep your online store secure and free from business-hurting hacks or issues.


  1. 24/7 Data Security and Automated Backups


Speaking of security, how confident are you that no one can hack the B2B eCommerce store you’ve worked so hard to build? If you’re not sure of your security, you can’t be sure of the future of your business. Managed security services are more important than ever in the face of new, innovative ways to break into an online store. From identify theft to stolen credit card information, your B2B Magento website should have the power and security to combat every type of virtual threat.


Going far beyond routine maintenance is what Forix does best. Part of what B2B owners get with our ongoing support is 24/7 website security monitoring. Our developers keep a keen eye on your store all day, every day, to make sure nothing is amiss. If they detect something wrong, they can take swift action to minimize the damage and reinforce your firewalls. Moreover, Forix backs up B2B clients’ information and Magento sites, lending the ability to quickly restore eCommerce stores even after a hack or breach. Forix offers agency-backed managed support you can trust.


What Are You Waiting For? Try Forix


As the proud owner of a B2B eCommerce store through Magento or Magento 2, you need to act fast to protect your investment. Give your website its best chance to shine through the B2B managed support services at Forix. We can take care of your Magento store from top to bottom, beginning to end.


Our agency has everything you need and more from support services, including the tools and developers to effortlessly handle regular maintenance, technical updates, and many other managed services. You’ll never have to doubt the performance or optimization of your B2B site again. Start with a call to a B2B Magento expert as your first step.


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