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Magento Support for Sporting

Magento Support for Sporting


The sporting industry is one of the most energetic industries for businesses to operate in. The changing varieties of sporting equipment and accessories, the always heightening competition, the increasing consumer expectations, and the seasonality of sporting goods are only a few of the basic details sporting companies must remain mindful of at all times. In a business with an overabundance of specific provisions and complications, sporting companies must try to persist on the forward lines of the market in every extent feasible.


The need to be on the leading edge of progress is why so many sporting businesses are depending on cloud-based e-commerce software as a means of staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Among the entire span of cloud-based business management platforms, the Magento e-commerce solution continues to be the favorite of companies far and wide. Out of all its constituents, Magento is the sole business management solution with the facilities needed to give sporting retailers total control over their e-commerce websites and essentially boundless customization features, while simultaneously offering improved reliability and extensive versatility.


Forix Success with Schutt Sports


Forix is an exceptional Magento website development agency and offers Magento managed support and e-commerce solutions to many sporting businesses, one being Schutt Sports. Providing customized helmets for baseball, football, and softball, Schutt Sports approached Forix with the hope of improving their website’s user experience and developing a design that could emphasize their customizable items.


The organization’s old website had a confusing flow, which caused numerous customers to become lost within the website and unable to get back to previous pages. The website also had no ability to display previews of customized consumer orders, so customers could not get an accurate vision of the custom product they were designing.


In order to solve this issue, Forix focused on reorganizing products and improving user experience on the site. Forix established a platform with interactive displays including real-time customization options and interactive digital look books with color filters and real-time viewing availabilities. After implementing these changes, Schutt Sports saw great results, including a 109% improvement in revenue, 92% improvement in conversion rates, and a 71% improvement in site page views. With the unparalleled features of the Magento platform and the talent of the development team at Forix, Schutt Sports has set the stage for continuous achievement in the sporting goods industry.


Why Get Magento Support with Forix?


Your e-commerce shop is crucial to ensuring ongoing profitability and market success, which is why sporting businesses should seize all resources possible if they want success in the modern age. The potential of your business is truly limitless when you operate with the highest asset of all: a collection of profoundly skilled and professional Magento website developers who are committed to promoting your business in your objective to obtain immense fulfillment in the sporting market. With a team of experts by your side at every phase, rest assured that you are taking advantage of all the amenities the Magento platform has to offer.


Get Magento Support for Your Sporting Company Today


If you are on the lookout for an outstanding e-commerce development agency to assist your sporting business, look no further than the professionals at Forix. Reach out to the certified Magento partners at Forix today to grasp all market opportunities and pave the way for long-term business success.



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