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Customize Your B2B Website Customer Experience

B2B Website Customer Experience
Moving into the world of eCommerce has changed the playing field for B2B businesses. No longer are phone calls necessary to complete orders; buyers can instead select their stock, receive quotes, and complete orders all through a website. And while these aspects are convenient and time-saving for both ends of the B2B spectrum, it leaves a gap that person to person interaction once filled.

Despite the reduced time of talking with other human beings to complete sales, there are still plenty of ways to create a personalized customer experience that will make your buyers feel like you understand their unique needs. Magento provides you with many excellent tools and extensions to enhance your customers’ experience, and Forix’s Magento ongoing support services can help you leverage them to your advantage.


Make the Most of Customer Data with Magento Managed Services

You may sell specialized industry products through your Magento B2B eCommerce website, but that doesn’t mean all your customers have the same needs. Each of them has different product purchases, schedules, and goals that your online store needs to help them with. Collecting, analyzing, and acting on customer data can help you identify paths to take to provide the optimal experience.

One of the biggest uses of customer data is to understand their purchasing trends. When you follow their data and see what your buyers regularly purchase, you can then recommend related and bulk orders of items. Magento provides ways to automatically develop and display these recommendations, meeting their needs. Talk with one of Forix’s Magento managed services experts to learn more about making the most of your customer data.


Meet Your Customer’s Ordering Habits with Magento Managed Support 

For many Magento B2B businesses, the reliance on repeat customers is what keeps their stores running strong. Often, those customers order the same products on a regular basis with set amounts and frequencies. Creating bulk, repeat, and scheduled ordering options through your eCommerce website will enable these avenues for your customers, saving them time.

Even if you don’t set up automatic ordering options, you can still make it easier for them to find items they’ve ordered before. Magento SKU integrations allow customers to browse their past purchases and build their next order without needing to go to each product page. Ensure you meet customer’s requests every time by connecting with a Forix’s Magento managed support team member and mapping out a strategy today.


Targeted Discounts and Email Campaigns

Segmentation is the name of the game when it comes to delivering customized discounts and emails for your B2B customers. Another use of your customer data, segmentation allows you to break your buyers into different categories based on any number of applicable factors. From there, you can then distribute discounts and advertisements that fit their interests – and keep the rest from becoming spam.

Any form of personalized content goes a long way to making your buyers feel like you care about their business – and that they’re not just another one of your customers. Customized discounts and messages are a great way to provide that “human” element for your eCommerce website. Discuss which discounts and email campaigns are best for your company by chatting with our Magento managed services experts.

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