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Magento Website Maintenance 2018

magento website maintenance
Website maintenance is one of the more time-consuming parts of an online store. It requires being on top of the latest news, installing updates, and monitoring your site for security leaks. When you are also running a business, this can get tricky, leaving you no time to spend on your business. To ease this burden, Magento support services from Forix offers website maintenance for your Magento B2B site, allowing you to get back to the rest of your business. Here’s a look at why you should consider investing in ongoing support and maintenance for your website in 2018.


Keep SEO Up to Date


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing thing. It is not a detail you can set up and forget about. It needs constant adjustments to work with the latest algorithms and changes from Google. Magento managed support from top Magento agency Forix can help you with all your SEO needs. With ongoing maintenance, we’ll help you keep track of the latest updates and keep your site performing at its best.


Minimize Security Risks


Security risks are another always changing part of a website. The only way to prevent an attack is through constant monitoring. When your customers save their information on your site, they are entrusting you with the safety and the security of their personal details and payment information. All it takes is one attack to break the delicate trust. Magento frequently releases security patches. If you don’t know where to look or how to use them, your site is vulnerable. Let the expert team at Forix protect you and your site with Magento support services from Forix.


Maintain Extensions and Updates


Extensions are the expansion packs of your Magento website. They allow you to extend your website’s capabilities, customizing the experience for your visitors. These extensions require their own set of updates and patches to keep your site working properly. Without them, you may experience website outages and gaps in your storefront. Your customers may get frustrated with their experience on the website, dropping purchases. Don’t stop to worry about it. Let the experts at Forix handle the extensions and all their updates. Our team will install the latest updates and check to be sure they are working in real time for your site. You can relax with the peace of mind that everything is under the care of Forix.


Constant Evaluation


As Forix works to maintain your website, our team will also help you evaluate what is working and what is not. Some months, one thing might be working and then suddenly, it changes. Because Magento managed support from Forix means we are constantly monitoring your site, we’ll be able to notice things that could use a touch-up. We can make recommendations and help you fix whatever is holding you back. We monitor your site statistics and your Google Analytics account to keep track of your site statistics. Our goal is to get you on the path to success. Get in touch with Forix to learn more about Adobe Experience Manager.

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