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Magento With AS/400 ERP Integration

Integrate AS/400 ERP with Magento
AS/400 ERP may be a legacy system, but it still functions well many decades after its introduction in 1988. Whether it be AS/400 or the updated version, businesses still have much to gain from using this ERP solution. When you want a system that supports multiple applications and infrastructures without much fuss, AS/400 gets the job done – and it can even help your Magento store with the proper integration. Forix’s Magento managed services can help you bring the two together.


How Does AS/400 ERP Help Your Business?


AS/400 ERP may not be the newest system on the block, but it’s still in use throughout hundreds of businesses today because of its sheer effectiveness and reliability. AS/400 takes care of managing all the infrastructures and applications in your business, allowing you pay attention to warehouse management, vendor processes, and shipping needs in a simple and straightforward error. With automation, you not only save time, but also reduce the risk of human error.


What many AS/400 users may not realize is that it is possible to connect the ERP to your website e-commerce efforts, and this system can work even in the modern internet environment. AS/400 can help with internet serving, application development, even data warehousing, bringing you the updates your business needs to stay competitive.


Bringing AS/400 ERP and Magento Together with Magento Ongoing Support


If you use both AS/400 and Magento, you’ll want to integrate the two to further streamline your business processes. AS/400 can connect with your Magento store, providing real-time product availability shipment and enabling you to have products ship directly from the supplier to the customer, bringing in buyer satisfaction.


AS/400 can also connect to and parse through your Magento data, and vice versa. This allows quick and simple synchronization and analysis using the analytics tools available from both. When you have more accurate analytics on your side, you can make better business decisions that properly reflect the state of your company.


Complete Your Integration Plans with Magento Support Services


AS/400 ERP can connect to and bolster your Magento e-commerce website, but there can be technical limitations in bringing the two together. AS/400 and the rest of the IBM iSeries require skilled planning, implementation, and patches of the system to allow it to connect fully and successfully to your Magento store. Attempting to do so in-house can lead to downtime and errors in the process.


The top Magento developer team at Forix has both the skill and experience to successfully bring your Magento store and your AS/400 system together. We know what patches are necessary for full integration, and we can complete the process efficiently, cutting the risk of potential downtime and keeping your store open for customers. If you need help with any other aspect of your store, count on Forix’s Magento Support Services to provide the technical support you need to keep your store in optimal shape. Strive for success on your eCommerce store with Adobe Magento.

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