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Magento With Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Magento
Microsoft Dynamics is an easy-to-set-up customer relationship management and ERP system that can help important information reach all corners of your business, promoting better group work and streamlining processes. Naturally, with such a powerful tool on your side, you want to bring its benefits to all aspects of your marketing efforts – including your e-commerce store. Integration is the best way to bring your data and your website together. Forix’s Magento support services can quickly and efficiently set up that integration for you.


How Does Microsoft Dynamics Help Your Business?


Microsoft Dynamics is a force to be reckoned with in the ERP world, because it allows for easy startup and quickly brings benefits into your company. One of the core boosts you’ll see is in the form of the robust information sharing and finding systems, which eliminate silos of information and allow everyone in your business to find what they need, when they need it. This allows better communication across departments and smarter overall decisions.


The automation processes aid in the streamlining of simple tasks, allowing you to make better use of your time and resources. These processes also provide insights and encourage best-practice decisions, enabling you to reach higher levels of growth. When you bring these elements together, you have a recipe for more satisfied customers.


Bringing Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Together


Dynamics is a Microsoft product, so it’s no surprise it is fully compatible with other Microsoft programs, such as bringing new tools into Outlook. Integration doesn’t stop there. You can connect Microsoft Dynamics to your Magento e-commerce website, fully combining your data and inventory information for enhanced customer service.


With real-time inventory sync, order access, shipment tracking, and simplified tiered pricing, you can give your customers the ultimate e-commerce experience that will keep them coming back. Want to set a credit limit for Magento B2B stores? Microsoft Dynamics integration makes it easy. And with advanced access to customer information and grouping processes, you can ensure your marketing efforts hit the right target every time.


Integrate Your Magento Website With Microsoft Dynamics Through Forix


E-commerce businesses that take advantage of both Magento and Microsoft Dynamics will want to integrate the two to fully reap the benefits of this powerful combination. If you foresee integration on the horizon but aren’t sure where to start, contact Best Magento Agency Forix.


Our Magento certified developers are the perfect team to meet your Magento managed services needs. Whether you want to integrate Microsoft Dynamics into an existing Magento store or if you’re planning to build one in the future, we can help. We even provide Magento ongoing support to ensure every part of your integration (as well as the rest of your plans for your e-commerce website) run smoothly. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.

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