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Magento With RetailOps ERP Integration

Integrate RetailOps ERP with Magento
RetailOps is a cloud-based ERP solution that provides a tool to help you manage orders, inventory, contacts, and warehouses. There are many features integrated into one place, so any retail operation can benefit from this ERP. Those positives extend to e-commerce businesses, including Magento. When you integrate RetailOps and Magento through Forix’s Magento managed services, you’re getting a custom integration solution that truly allows you to make the most of both platforms.


RetailOps and Streamlining Your Business


A good ERP solution helps you enhance your existing business practices into the optimal form. RetailOps has the tools to do exactly that. You can expect inventory management, tracking of the flow of goods, and accurate warehouse positions that enable you to better manage your products and get them to customers. When you need flexible shipping options to eliminate the middle man and mail a product from a third party of an expectant customer, RetailOps makes it possible with simple processes.


You can also take advantage of this ERP to gain inventory and other sales insights across the board, as well as import product data for rapid information compilation. This solution is also mobile-device compatible, giving you a way to manage your systems and contacts from wherever your work may take you. Interested in learning more about RetailOps? Contact our Magento Managed Support team to hear more.


Magento and RetailOps Integration Benefits


Up-to-date inventory information is the key to keeping your products in stock, providing for customers, and letting visitors to your Magento website know what they’re ordering. RetailOps integration means that both systems update as the other does, making sure both you and customers have an accurate reflection of what to expect. The warehouse management tool also helps optimize the shipment preparation process, likewise enhancing customer satisfaction.


Since all your data are the same between your store and your back-end platforms, you have accurate data to view Magento and RetailOps reports. The more accurate your core information, the better insights you’ll be able to pull from analysis, enabling more effective future business, inventory, and marketing plans. Integration enhances the capacities of both RetailOps and Magento, taking your e-commerce game to the next level.


Best Magento Agency Forix and RetailOps Integration


Integrating RetailOps into your Magento website may be a way to unlock the true potential of these platforms, but you need a skilled integration process to get there. Forix Magento managed support is the best way to do just that. Our team of Magento certified developers working on your store will give you a comprehensive integration solution that not only ties your platforms together, but also ensures you get the results you want.


We take into consideration your business’s goals for integration and your overall e-commerce plans, giving you a custom integration solution. If you need help learning how to best take advantage of your new system, or Magento ongoing support can help you further enhance your website, putting you further on the path to e-commerce success. Get the most out of your Adobe Magento website with Forix.

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