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Magento With Sage ERP Integration

Integrate Sage ERP with Magento
Sage ERP is a powerful tool that can help you automate and manage several aspects of your business. For those already working in or planning to build an e-commerce store through Magento, you’ll need much of the same information, data, and analytics to have a successful website. For the most efficient way to make use of the work Sage ERP already helps you do, you’ll need an integration to bring your management solution and your Magento store together – and Forix Magento managed services can help.


How Does Sage ERP Help Your Business?


The Sage ERP system works as a comprehensive multinational business management tool that can help you see and understand what’s happening in all areas of your business. From accounting to warehouse stock to marketing, Sage ERP has the tools to help understand the state of your business and where you can go from there.


There are also analytics and key performance indicator dashboards that allow for easy calculation and evaluation of company performance. These tools and other modules available let Sage ERP become the solution that enhances how you think about your business, opening the path for future growth and development.


Bringing Sage ERP and Magento Together


One of the strongest benefits of Sage ERP is how the analysis, automation, and reporting features allow easy access across your employees, reducing time and labor spent on completing these tasks by hand. Many of the same pieces of information can help boost your Magento store’s performance, as well. However, if you transfer the available data by hand, you are adding new tasks to your list, cutting away from more important tasks.


Integrating Magento with Sage ERP can be the solution you need to keep your processes streamlined and secure. With integration, both your Magento store and Sage ERP can communicate, sharing essential information automatically, without any manual input. Product details, inventory levels, payment, shipping, customer information, sales orders, and status updates – integration allows both Sage ERP and Magento data to stay synchronized, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date information in both solutions.


Forix Offers Integrations as Part of Magento Ongoing Support


If you’re working with Sage ERP and Magento, you’ll want to integrate the two solutions to take advantage of streamlined processes and more effective businesses decisions. There are multiple Sage ERP integration solutions available, and Forix can help you find and implement the best one for your business’s needs.


With Magento managed support from top Magento agency Forix, you won’t even need to take time out of your schedule to have Magento and Sage ERP brought together. Our skilled team of developers is familiar with all aspects of Magento integration, allowing us to have your business management solution quickly and efficiently sync up with your Magento e-commerce store. When we’re done, we can show you how to take advantage of these powerful tools and provide necessary updates throughout ongoing support services. Work with a reliable Adobe AEM agency- reach out to Forix to hear more.

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