How Forix Utilized Magento A/B Testing For SportRx

Magento A/B Testing for eCommerce websites


What is Magento A/B Testing?

In its simplest form, Magento A/B testing is simply offering users two or more variations of a text, graphic, layout, or feature, then tracking and comparing the results to determine the optimal version. A/B testing is a valuable market research tool that allows marketers to compare and contrast options in real time and make decisions based on actual user experiences and preferences.

A/B testing is also known as Split Test Marketing. Magento A/B testing is just one of the services offered by Forix as part of our CRO service plans.

How We Use Magento A/B Testing to Produce Data- Driven Results

When SportRx came to us with concerns about suboptimal performance of their Signature Lens line of prescription sunglasses, we knew exactly what to do. We sourced five possible new name options from our in-house marketing team and created a live A/B test on SportRx’s Magento site, pitting the new monikers against each other in a battle- royale of branding. The goal? To increase sales conversion of the company’s store brand, which offers endless customization options. The result? The winning brand name, “Sport Optimized,” received a more than 10% increase in clicks over the previous name, resulting in increased sales of the flagship brand over others. 

Forix Magento A/B testing for data driven results

How eCommerce A/B Testing Produces Measurable Results

Next, we addressed concerns from SportRx over their high cancellation and return rates caused by lengthy production and shipping times. 

Due to the high levels of product customization offered by SportRx, their prescription sunglasses can take up to a month to make and deliver to customers. Because of this long production time, SportRx was experiencing high rates of order cancellations and returns. To increase transparency in regards to the production and shipping times for custom eyewear, Forix implemented a Shipping Speed Tracker on the shipping info page and created an A/B test online to find the best version. The Shipping Speed Tracker provides a real-time estimate of the time frame for production and shipment of custom glasses. 

Magento A/B testing for optimized ecommerce conversion rates

The Shipping Speed Tracker went through multiple iterations before our team created the perfect version. By continuing to make adjustments to the wording and visual display of the tracker, and moving it from the Cart page to the Shipping Information page, we arrived at a variation of the Shipping Speed Tracker that provided optimal clarity to customers. In its final implementation, the Shipping Speed Tracker improved checkout completion by 20%. Additionally, the transparency provided by the tracker significantly increased the number of customers choosing priority production and rush shipping. 

Using Magento A/B Testing to Increase Revenue

Sometimes, A/B testing relates entirely to a feature design. In this instance, a simple addition of LC Digital Dividers were incorporated into the product page design to clarify product options for users. Previously, digital and non- digital lenses were not grouped separately, which caused confusion among customers. To alleviate this confusion and provide more clarity to users, we incorporated a design element to group digital and non digital lenses respectively together, including a “Recommended” qualifier for the digital option with the goal of boosting sales conversion and average order value.

Forix Magento A/B testing for online retail websites

This design implementation resulted in a 54% increase in Add to Cart for premium digital lenses. 

Improving User Experience Through Magento A/B Testing

In this A/B test of a new PDP Layout, our team conducted a Split URL test of two different versions of the product page layout. In the previous iteration, the product page had featured a dropdown menu for the options of prescription sunglasses, non prescription sunglasses, and lenses- only. These drop down options were causing confusion for users, and many customers abandoned their carts or bounced from this page. SportRx wanted to increase the number of users proceeding from this product page to the next customization page.

To address this issue, the Forix team introduced an A/B test comparing two types of selection options. We tested the original drop down menu against a new layout, which featured the same options selection presented as radio buttons. The page version that featured the radio buttons options performed significantly better than the drop down menu. With the new layout, 30% more users proceeded from the product page to the customization page, and Add to Cart was improved by 15%. 

Meeting Micro Goals with Forix’s A/B Testing Service 

Not every A/B test can be about direct sales conversion or Add to Cart improvement. Sometimes, a client simply wants to see what can be done to improve customer experience, product visibility, or user engagement. We call these micro goals, and while the name might imply smallness, they’re definitely a big deal to us. 

In this case, SportRx wanted to experiment with the Value Propositions on their pages in order to discover which provided the most appeal to users. To track the engagement of these Value Propositions, we looked at the hover effect- how long a user hovered over a specific value proposition, and which ones were hovered over most often. 

Forix provides Magento A/B testing as CRO

To discover the best possible Value Propositions, we compared possible options including “Free Shipping”, “Free Returns”, “Satisfaction Guarantee”, and “Price Match”. Our team continued to change the wordage, combination, and the order of appearance of the Value Propositions, until finding the perfect combination of high- hover rate propositions that maximized user engagement. 

How Forix Utilizes Magento A/B Testing for Deliverable Results

When performing an A/B test online, it’s essential to first set strong parameters and goals. Here at Forix, our marketing experts can help you determine your goals and create precision, targeted eCommerce A/B testing. Whether you want to increase conversion rates, add to carts, or page views, Forix has the tools and experience to help you optimize your Magento site for a better user experience. Get in touch with us today to see how our managed support services can improve your Magento website.