Magento Advanced Search Integration with Klevu for SportRx


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How Forix Improved Search Results for SportRx With Klevu Search

SportRx was experiencing suboptimal search functionality and search results on their website. We suspected that their basic Magento search configuration was holding them back from reaching their customers with the correct products. To address this issue, Forix integrated Klevu, a well- known Magento advanced search system, into the SportRx Magento web store in order to increase search usage and improve search performance on the site.

In order to improve search functionality on the SportRx website, Forix implemented a third party Magento advanced search solution known as Klevu into their existing Magento website. By integrating Klevu into the SportRx website, we were able to drastically improve the search functionality on their Magento site. This resulted in an increase in both search usage and session duration on the site, as well as a decrease in bounce rate associated with the site search. This in turn improved conversion rates among site users who utilize the improved search function. 

Magento Klevu Search Integration for Improved Search Results

After implementing the Klevu search integration, SportRx saw a 48% increase in search usage on their website. Because Klevu search is more intuitive than the basic Magento search, users were able to successfully utilize it at a higher rate to find relevant search results. This led to an overall positive increase in user experience, as customers were able to spend more time viewing and comparing relevant products, and less time manually searching for them.
With the Magento advanced search integration in place, search transactions increased by 79%, and search revenue increased by 85%. Because the Klevu search solution provided more relevant results to users, customers were able to more quickly and efficiently find and purchase the products they were looking for.  

Forix Magento Advanced Search Integrations
An increase of high quality, relevant search results being offered to users resulted in an overall search conversion rate increase of 25%. Because of Klevu’s advanced features, such as personalized search and rich autocomplete, users found what they were after more quickly and easily than with the basic Magento search function. Additionally, bounce rate decreased by 40%, indicating that users found what they were looking for via search the first time they searched, without struggling through multiple iterations of their search terms.

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SportRx experienced a 9.4% increase in average session time among their users after integrating Klevu search into their Magento site. Because the search function was returning more relevant and compelling results, users were spending less time browsing aimlessly, and more time looking at the products that were most interesting to them.

Advantages of Integrating Klevu Search Into Your Magento Site

To achieve these results, SportRx took advantage of the many features and benefits offered by the Klevu as a Magento advanced search system. Klevu utilizes self-learning search, using AI to learn how customers use the search on the store or site and building upon that knowledge to continually optimize search results. Basically, the longer Klevu is used on a site, the better it becomes at producing relevant results to queries on that site.
Magento advanced search integration for higher conversion rates

Why Use a 3rd Party Magento Advanced Search Optimization Service?

Basic, out of the box Magento search is notoriously weak when compared to more robust third party search extensions. Magento’s basic search functions offer poor flexibility and query match accuracy, making it less than ideal for online retailers and eCommerce companies with large catalogs of products. 

Klevu is a market leading Magento advanced search solution that comes highly recommended by Magento users around the globe. By utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, Klevu is able to deliver more relevant results to users. It’s accuracy level with complex queries is significantly higher than basic Magento search. Klevu’s responsive, mobile- first integrations means that it works on all devices, including mobile, so you never miss a sale.