Avalara Integration with Magento

Avalara Integration with Magento

Avalara is the market leader in sales tax automation software. It provides one-stop sales tax software systems that can connect all of a business’s tax compliance needs, allowing business owners to focus on customers and every day management of a growing business. In today’s ecommerce world, retailers do business in multiple states, across multiple channels – Avalara’s automated systems can take the compliance pressure off online business owners.


Magento is an open-source platform that is flexible enough to meet all your business’s ecommerce needs. A part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento boasts over 200,000 online retailers, and has the world’s largest market for compatible extensions, allowing you to fit Magento to your ecommerce business. Integrating Avalara and Magento allows control of both from one simple access point.


Benefits of an Avalara Integration


As many as 25% of businesses use Magento as their ecommerce software due to its wide range of flexibility and ever-increasing number of extensions available to meet the needs of businesses of all types. With streamlined access, customizable features, and excellent integration capabilities, Magento is preferred by developers and business owners alike.


Avalara tax automation services simplify the way businesses approach tax compliance. Since the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Supreme Court decision, ecommerce retailers are required to charge and remit state sales tax in at least 30 states. Calculating sales tax separately for each transaction or charging uniform sales tax across the board is no longer an option, leaving many retailers nervous about tax compliance.


Where does economic nexus affect the way your online business applies state sales tax? What does this mean when it comes to remitting tax to those states when it’s time to prepare returns? Avalara databases are constantly updated – resulting in a comprehensive list of every law that affects each sale. Avalara’s sales tax software offers one-stop automated calculations for all the states in which you do business, as well as a comprehensive service that can prepare, file and remit your returns for you. Better yet, Avalara integrates seamlessly with your existing Magento platform.


When you integrate Avalara’s sales tax software with the internet sales tax Magento platform, every purchase made will trigger Avalara to automatically run the purchase through its database, supplying the correct sales tax calculation and placing it right in the invoicing system. The internet sales tax Magento charges will be correct each and every time, saving you from the stress of combing through ever-changing state laws yourself.


Integration is seamless, applying tax requirements the moment a sale occurs and updating your tax remittance responsibilities instantly. There’s no need to manually enter data, or click and drag information from Avalara to Magento – avoiding human error or missed data.


Need help installing an Avalara extension? Reach out to a specialist and Forix has got you covered.