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Ongoing Magento Support

Timely and reliable Magento ongoing support makes the difference.

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    5 Signs That You Need A New Development Partner

    An issue with your eCommerce store is not resolved within 24 hours.

    Your to-do lists and grand plans for holiday campaigns are not getting done.

    Your site has slow load times, low conversion rates, and haven’t been optimized for more than a year.

    You don’t know everything that Magento can do, and need some coaching to unlock it’s full power.

    There are security issues with your site and you’re afraid to lose your client’s trust.

    Forix Is Here To Help!

    As a trained Magento Enterprise partner, we’ve helped hundreds of companies get the most out of their online investments.

    The most powerful asset you can have is an entire team dedicated to your success. When you partner with Forix, our team is at the ready to ensure your online store is working to the fullest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get the Magento help that you need today.

    Get Support

    We’ll keep your site running smoothly:

    Experienced Development Teams

    • Hit deadlines & find opportunities

    • Get help with your endless to-do lists

    • Expanded development capabilities

    • Stay updated with frequent check in and communication


    • Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migrations

    • e-Com Platform Migrations

    • CMS Platform Migrations


    • CRMs

    • ERPs

    • POSs

    • APIs

    Security & Patch Updates

    • System fortification & defense

    • Fraud prevention

    • Risk management and liability reduction


    • Platform use

    • Extension & customization

    Get Optimized

    We’ll help your site reach it’s full potential:


    • Load times

    • Site speed

    • Performance optimization

    • Caching

    • Traffic spike/event preparation

    • Legacy System Updates

    • Upgrades

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    • Devices

    • Channels

    • Funnels

    • Checkout flows

    UX Audits

    • Site search

    • Navigation

    • Product display


    • PCI

    • HIPPA

    • FFL

    • Special cases

    Process Workflow

    • Back office

    • OMS

    • Fulfillment

    24/7 support.
    Most issues resolved in less than 24 hours.

    Dedicated Account Managers
    & 60+ trained Magento developers.

    Centralized Customer Service
    Portal with Ticketing System.

    Flexible plans
    starting at 40h per month.

    Customer-Focused Magento Development Agency

    Forix is a premier source for 24/7 Magento (now an Adobe company and part of Adobe Experience Manager) support services. Our trained Magento developers and technical support specialists know exactly what eCommerce websites need, 100% of the time. We take care of virtually everything site owners need, from user experience audits and search engine optimization (SEO) to frequent site updates and upgrades. Our team understands the importance of maintaining a site that performs at its best around the clock. We work hard to make this a reality for clients who come to us for support services. Learn more about all the ways we aim to assist our clients with total Magento website optimization and support.   Benefits of Partnering With Adobe Magento Support Experts ECommerce website owners should be able to focus on the success of their businesses, not the performance of their Magento sites. Most business owners don’t moonlight as Magento or Adobe Experience Manager support experts. Instead, they invest in ongoing managed support services to ensure the full-time optimization of their Magento sites. Using a talented support partner is the easiest and most rewarding way to optimize an eCommerce store and put it in a position to convert. Don’t try to tackle the development and ongoing support of your Magento site alone. Entrust the experts at Forix with site support and reap attractive rewards such as:
    • Total peace of mind, 24/7. Magento support services and Adobe Experience Manager support at Forix never leave you in the dark. We are constantly keeping an eye on your site, conducting audits and making sure it’s operating at peak performance around the clock. You never have to worry about receiving that 3:00 a.m. call that your website has crashed again. Our support keeps your site not only up and running, but optimized for maximum traffic and conversions.
    • Effortless campaign management. That’s right – your Forix Magento support and Adobe Experience Manager support team is more than just a source for technical services. We go above and beyond to ensure the success of your company, including providing outstanding marketing support services. We can help you launch campaigns, tackle holiday events, run sales, create stunning advertisements, tackle your campaign to-do lists, and make sure your Magento site doesn’t crash or experience slow load times when you get an influx of site visitors.
    • Advice from expert Magento site developers. If you’re like most eCommerce storeowners and aren’t also a website developer, you need support. There’s no shame in admitting that you could benefit from the support and assistance of a certified Magento developer. In fact, odds are that your top competitors already have – that’s why business is booming for them. Take the leap and reach out to certified developers to take advantage of all the features and opportunities Magento can offer.
    • Technical support services. Say goodbye to glitches and hello to a permanently high-functioning Magento website. Our support services come with constant site supervision, troubleshooting, and maintenance to make sure that the technical side of your site is performing as it should. We can help you reduce load times, optimize page navigation, repair problems or bugs, make website changes, and more through our 24/7 technical support services. We’ll never leave you hanging. In fact, we can resolve most technical issues within 24 hours from the time you submit a ticket.
    • Security patches and updates. Worried about the security of your eCommerce site? If you don’t have a reliable support service partner, you probably should be worried. With Forix, on the other hand, you can rest assured in the security and safety of your site. We prioritize site security support, installing patches and updating your Magento site as needed for seamless protection from viruses, fraud, hackers, breaches, and more. You can guarantee your customers endless protection from data leaks, maximizing their confidence and trust in your brand, with our support.
    • Online training. Forix doesn’t want business owners to have to rely on managed support services for absolutely everything. What we want is to train site owners on how to use Magento and Adobe Experience Manager on their own. That’s why we offer online training on how to use all of Magento’s myriad features and capabilities. Our team might have the expert support, but you can have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of how your Magento site works. We want to train you to support your website on your own.
    • Website speed and performance optimization. If you don’t know with 100% certainty how your Magento site is performing and converting, it’s time to make a change. The performance of your website should never be a “maybe.” Partner with Forix’s support and enjoy SEO as you never have before. You don’t have to be an optimization expert to get the results of one. Simply partner with the right support service provider and you can quickly help your Magento site reach its fullest potential.
    • Theme and Magento updates. Worried that a competitor has upped its game with the latest Magento eCommerce store updates? Banish your fears by being the first to download updates and make improvements. As soon as your site displays the need for updates and theme changes, Forix’s support experts can follow through. We’ll take care of Magento website and theme updates in accordance with the most current design desires and best practices.
    Forix provides clients with tailored Magento support services. What does this mean for you? We can supply any support services you need. Tailored Magento support services are just that – customized to your specific needs. We can tackle all website challenges, big and small. Our team of certified experts and more than 60 developers can take on any job, working around the clock to optimize a site in every possible way. People partner with Forix so that they can run their online stores without ever worrying about the technical side of things. Let us take care of the nuts and bolts of Magento website support while you handle running your brand.   Does Your Magento Site Need Our Help? 5 Signs It Does Abysmal sales? Poor lead generation? High bounce rate? Campaigns falling flat? These are all signs that something is seriously amiss with your Magento website. Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform – the most powerful in the world, to be exact. If a business isn’t booming on this platform, something is wrong. Forix can fix it. We’ve dealt with both common and uncommon issues before. We can help you conquer eCommerce. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems with your eCommerce store, contact us for assistance:
    1. Technical difficulties run amok. Technical issues shouldn’t bog down your Magento website every other day. A fully optimized and well-maintained Magento site has the power to avoid most common problems. Even if something does go wrong, your site shouldn’t suffer more than it needs to from repairs that take days to complete. If your current development partner doesn’t fix issues with your eCommerce store within 24 hours, switch to Forix. We can resolve most issues in less than a day.
    2. Marketing campaigns take too long to launch. Marketing is a full-time job. If your campaign to-do lists and tasks keep rolling over from one day to the next, it may be time to put more manpower into marketing. Forix’s support team can tackle the array of tasks it takes to launch and run a successful marketing campaign across multiple channels. Our digital marketers are leaders in what they do, with the talent and tools you need to achieve a campaign that delivers results – fast.
    3. You’re losing business somewhere. If your site is suffering from issues such as slow load times, you could be losing customers. You don’t know the full meaning of the word “optimization” until you’ve worked with Forix’s support experts. We take website optimization to a whole new level, repairing common and unique issues that may be bringing your eCommerce store down. Any company with low conversion rates or websites that haven’t been optimized in over a year should contact us for support.
    4. You aren’t using Magento to its fullest potential. Magento is the number one most powerful eCommerce platform in the world. If your store isn’t living up to the expectations this presents, it’s probably because you don’t know everything the platform can do. Forix support can coach you to unlock its full power. We have all the secrets to online store success and are more than happy to give them to you. Partner with us for support and get the inside scoop on how Magento works – and more importantly, how to make it work for you.
    5. Security issues threaten to break your customers’ trust. Trust is one of the most important things for online stores today. Customers need to feel like they can engage with and buy from an online store without exposing their sensitive personal information – such as credit card numbers – to fraudsters or hackers. Any violation of a customer’s privacy can lead to the downfall of trust in your entire brand. This could spell the beginning of the end for many eCommerce companies. Don’t be that brand. Keep your website secure with updates and security patches with Forix support services.
    Whether you know for sure your Magento website could be performing better with ongoing support or you are simply curious, it’s worth a conversation with Forix’s experts. We can audit your site, show you data that proves where you’re losing business, and create a tailored support plan for better business in the future. Our team has years of experience optimizing eCommerce stores for the modern buyer. We know exactly what to do for each specific client – always keeping the end goal of maximum conversions in mind.   5 Unexpected Outcomes You Can Get from Magento Support Services If you’re under the impression Magento support services are a luxury and not a necessity, you’re probably underestimating the potential of your brand. Don’t limit the scope of your company based on the capabilities you have in-house. Instead, partner with a proven support system like Forix and achieve your store’s dream goals. Only with the support of a team of developers by your side can you be completely confident that your eCommerce site is reaching its fullest potential. Investing in Magento support can have many benefits not all brands may expect, including:
    1. Enjoying better ROI on marketing efforts. With Forix’s support services, you get qualified marketers and ad designers on top of development experts. That means saying goodbye to wasting money on marketing campaigns that deliver subpar results – or no results at all. If you want to maximize the returns on your marketing and advertising investments, there’s no better way than with help from Forix.
    2. Catching security problems before they arise. You might think about the security updates, solutions, and patches you’ll get with Forix support, but have you thought about the importance of preventive maintenance? With our team keeping an attentive eye on your site 24/7, we have the power to find holes in your security efforts before they lead to leaks. Our support can prevent security breaches from ever happening, so you can guarantee your customers seamless security with total confidence.
    3. Beating your competitors to upgrades. In an ever-evolving digital atmosphere, it’s critical to stay on top of your game at all times. This means beating your competitors to the punch in terms of website updates, theme upgrades, and modern user experiences. Avoid ever becoming outdated or cliché with help from Forix’s award-winning website designers at your beck and call.
    4. Integrating other processes into your website. Forix excels at handling Magento integrations for our clients. We can review what integrations will be most beneficial to your brand based on data we collect from your current efforts. Then, we can masterfully integrate ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, POS, APIs, and more into your website without interrupting business. Our support can give you the power to transform your site with top-rated systems such as Sage, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Salsify.
    5. Solving your biggest eCommerce challenges. Forix goes beyond what one expects of a typical web development partner. Our support services aim to not only solve the greatest eCommerce challenges plaguing your business but to come up with innovations and ideas to help your brand achieve even greater goals.
    It’s amazing what you can do with a team like Forix in your corner. Our Magento ongoing support and managed services can take your eCommerce store and turn it into a well-oiled conversion machine. We will custom-tailor your support services so they fulfill your unique needs, doing what we can to help your brand reach a new level of success in your industry. We’ve achieved outstanding results for eCommerce stores across a variety of fields, both B2B and B2C. We are confident we can help your brand, too.   Don’t Have Magento? It Might Be Time to Migrate In our years of experience providing eCommerce site services, we’ve come to discern the good from the great when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Magento isn’t just one of the greats – it’s the most powerful open-source eCommerce platform on the market. People prefer Adobe and Magento to its competitors for many reasons, such as its customizable themes and easy-to-use features. Millions of people have downloaded Magento for reasons such as:
    • Community Edition is free
    • It’s flexible and scalable
    • It boasts rich features
    • It gives total management control to users
    • Tools like cross-selling help with marketing
    • Search-engine-friendly URLs
    • Automatic website updates
    • Flexible pricing rules
    • Supports multiple websites and domains
    • Themes are entirely customizable
    • Magento sites are mobile-optimized
    The functions, tools, and traits of Magento set it apart from all other eCommerce platforms. There’s a reason millions of users depend on Magento and continue to use it for years. Simple use, tons of features, and gorgeous websites help businesses provide better online shopping experiences to customers – ultimately boosting profits. Join a platform that has happy customers around the world. Switch to Magento.   How Forix Differs From Competitors You might be wondering what makes Forix the right choice for your support services. Like most things in site support, the answer is multi-faceted. We know with 100% certainty that we’re the right choice for you, but we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. We encourage you to contact us and chat with our experts for yourself about our services. We’re confident that when you discuss your needs with our friendly and talented team, you’ll feel in your gut that we’re the ideal fit for you. In the meantime, we’ve come up with this list of just some of the things that set Forix apart:
    • Years of impressive work and real results. We’ve been behind more than 750 successful site launches in our years providing managed site services. That means hundreds of businesses have hit the ground running with their best chances of success thanks to Forix. We employ more than 100 workers in a variety of areas of expertise for our clients’ benefit. We also boast more than 60 Magento 2 certifications. We have the history and successes to prove that we’re the real deal.
    • An enormous network. Forix doesn’t underestimate the importance of networking when it comes to building and running a successful Magento site. We’ve expanded our reach and connected with hundreds of best-in-class partners, including UX/UI designers, QA testers, developers, support specialists, business developers, and project managers. When you partner with us, you’ll get a dedicated account manager that will connect you to further specialists according to your exact needs. If it takes a village to raise a website, Forix is where you’ll find the villagers.
    • Multi-disciplinary team. We don’t need to outsource to third-party providers to finish a job. We keep a multi-disciplinary team on staff to accommodate the vast and varied needs of our clients in-house. Our team consists of professionals with experience handling an enormous range of eCommerce platforms, integrations, and add-ons. Our world-class network of partners gives you all the information and advice you could ever want, right at your fingertips. We change the meaning of ongoing support.
    • Top-tier Magento ongoing support. Forix isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of service provider. We know our clients can only thrive if they receive 24/7 managed support throughout all phases of site development. Our team will help you brainstorm discovery and planning, create wireframes, decide on UX designs, figure out art direction and UI designs, develop your site, test components, launch, measure performance, and tweak and refine your site for consistently high performance. Our services range from analytic website referrals and conversion path mapping to award-winning site design and customized platform training.
    • Data-backed decision-making. You never have to worry about whether the decisions we make are right for your brand or not. We know they are because we’re making them based on data we’ve collected from your individual brand and website. Forix depends on real, hard numbers to inform our decisions – not guesses or conjecture. We’ll gather the important bits of data and use them to craft your tailored website strategy and support plan. Then, we’ll provide maintenance and updates as needed based on ongoing data from your website’s performance and key metric measurements.
    • Custom web development. Here at Forix, we don’t know the meaning of the word “turnkey.” All of our support services are highly personalized for each unique client. That’s the only way web development will work. Forix’s top-notch team of award-winning project managers and designers will tailor your project to your specific needs. We use customization to showcase your brand and website like never before. By personalizing your services, you can optimize the shopping experience for your customers – leading to maximized sales.
    • Real reviews from past clients. We don’t expect you to sign on with Forix based on what we say alone. We welcome you to conduct your own research and read reviews of our services from real past clients. We have nothing to hide – all of the companies we’ve helped in the past have left glowing reviews of our people, services, and results. We’re here to tell you that you can become one of the successful brands that have left us reviews. Being a Forix success story simply takes signing up for ongoing managed services.
    The right service provider can make an enormous difference to the success of your Magento website. It’s amazing what a skilled and dedicated team of professionals can do for a brand. In a world where online website performance is critical to eCommerce store success, be a brand that outshines the competition. Partner with Forix for Magento support services and Adobe Experience Manager support and see the incredible results for yourself. Don’t be shy – reach out to us and strike up a conversation about all the ways we can improve your website.   Proven Results From the Forix Team It’s one thing to assert that we’re the best – it’s another to show you through the proven results we’ve achieved for past clients. Our client list has included notable brands such as Dakine, CRKT, Next Adventure, ErgoDepot, GloryBee, and Sigma. We helped these brands tackle the challenges that were bogging them down, as well as explore new ways to attract customers and make sales. As a result of our hard work, all of these clients enjoyed incredible boosts in business, proven by our performance tracking and data metrics. Look at some results for yourself:
    1. Dakine. Dakine, an outdoor clothing and equipment company, needed to solve its scalability problems due to rapid growth. Forix evaluated Dakine’s current systems and streamlined them, combining two into a single CMS and updating the frontend with beautiful new designs and features. Our efforts translated into six times the amount of retail revenue, twice the mobile revenue, and almost three times the amount of unique purchases for Dakine.
    2. CRKT. CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) was experiencing issues with internal processes and UX due to an outdated eCommerce platform. Forix worked with CRKT’s teams to rebrand, create a new responsive site, and completely overhaul the user experience. CRKT’s new site design and other improvements resulted in a 109% increase in revenue, a 92% increase in conversions, and 71% increase in page views.
    3. Next Adventure. Next Adventure, a Portland-based outdoor equipment store, was having problems going digital with its brand. It had existed only as a local brick-and-mortar store since its inception. Forix helped it become more competitive by building an online store from the ground up. We provided more than 25 custom integrations, including ERP, OS, and shipping systems, to give Next Adventure a successful and scalable online store. Our efforts earned a 42% increase in average order value and a 22% decrease in bounce rate.
    4. ErgoDepot. ErgoDepot’s complex inventory of highly customized office products created an issue for the company in terms of sales. The brand needed a solution for highlighting the flexibility of its products without overwhelming the customer. Forix solved the issue by customizing backend and frontend systems that allow both the company and its customers to enjoy an easy and intuitive experience. As a result, ErgoDepot had the power to deliver a cohesive brand experience and address users’ needs more easily.
    5. GloryBee. GloryBee, the Pacific Northwest’s largest honey distributor, needed Forix’s help to expand its markets through eCommerce. GloryBee’s challenges included having seven different domains, being unable to track customers’ paths, and losing wholesale leads because of an overly complex application process. Forix redesigned the site and simplified the brand’s processes to ease the conversion funnel. The results were a 30% increase in retail revenue and a 27% increase in wholesale revenue.
    Our success stories aren’t by chance. We achieve outstanding results again and again thanks to hard work and custom-tailored strategies. Forix knows that increases in business come with dependable Magento support services. We have everything you need to tackle whatever issues are bringing your brand down – and to sustain levels of business that are now only your “peaks.” The incredible results of our past efforts are testaments to the excellence of our support services. You could be our next success story.   Contact Us Today to Start Your Magento Journey If you’re tired of wondering what your sales could be like with an optimized Magento site, take action toward better business with help from Forix. Our Magento support services and Adobe Experience Manager support run the gamut from routine website maintenance to total site overhauls and rebranding efforts. We will analyze your business, customize your eCommerce site strategy, connect you to experts in the field, and do what it takes to achieve your desired results. Your “dream” bottom line doesn’t have to exist only in your mind. You can sustainably boost business with a partnership with Forix. Forix’s support services come with 24/7 technical advisors, online coaching, integrations, migrations, site maintenance, security patches, design assistance, wireframes, performance checks, UX audits, data analysis, web development, campaign help, and much more. The list of ways in which we’re prepared to help brands is almost endless. We’ve worked hard over the years to cultivate the people, tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to give eCommerce stores their very best chance at long-term success. We’re proud to say our hard work has paid off. We’re a trusted provider of Magento support services worldwide. Curious about how Forix can help you? Connect with our Magento development experts to learn more about managed support services. Our team members are more than happy to discuss your unique needs and goals in detail when you contact Forix. Magento support services and Adobe Experience Manager support are just the beginning of how we can help your brand. We are a comprehensive source for website support and eCommerce store management. Explore your future today. Contact us.
    See what our clients are saying about us with an aggregate rating of 4.82 out of 5 reviews including:

    “The great thing about Forix is that we can come to them with a challenge, or even a loosely defined goal, and they’ll figure out how to bring the right technology solution forward.”

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