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Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Magento for the Manufacturing Industry


Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Magento for your Manufacturing Site Today.


Microsoft Dynamics is modernized ERP solution that eradicates the necessity for data entry tasks, simplifies business methods, and centralizes data from various origins into a singular accessible system. As a highly flexible business direction tool, Microsoft Dynamics empowers companies by merging all essential regions to strengthen customer relationships and further company development.


The process of integration merges all hardware and software in one intuitive platform, so you can use your time to sharpen production methods and improve business relationships. Applying an ERP integration system gives businesses the chance to create unique and easily adaptable technology programs to suit the constantly evolving requirements of a business as fluctuations transpire across time.


Microsoft Dynamics Integration for the Manufacturing Industry


Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing businesses supports operational efficiency to adequately handle all processes, including product orders, invoices of materials, equipment preparation, and retention condition preparation. With this cloud-based ERP solution, you’ll be able to react swiftly customer inquiries, easily accommodate all last-minute changes, and utilize new possibilities to obtain advantages over your competitors.


What Does Microsoft Dynamics Integration Offer for Manufacturing Companies?


Microsoft Dynamics can provide manufacturing industries with a plethora of advantages, including the following:


Improve Inventory Management


  • Use the Microsoft Dynamics Physical Inventory Count Module to decrease the time and effort needed to sustain the synchronization of your inventories.
  • Manage complete or incomplete material inventory and sequence counts.
  • Enhance margins with developing sales in regard to what is available in stock
  • Decrease in stock search time to improve employee productivity.
  • Forecast existing inventory to decrease overstock
  • Lower inventory overstock accumulated as a result of out-of-sync stock software.


Boost Customer Satisfaction


  • React quickly and more precisely to customer inquiries regarding order and delivery updates.
  • Prepare rush orders rapidly from all sales systems.
  • Easily adjust orders at any time during the manufacturing sequence.
  • Employ multilevel manufacturing methods to regulate specific inquiries and simplify business decisions


Reduce Data Errors


  • Utilize bar-coding to eliminate common errors correlated with manual data entry processes and accelerate shop floor time stock
  • Make use of bar-coded production orders and automatic shop floor data collection.
  • Get the latest information from real-time reporting to assess job order and expenses and view timestamps on production orders


Payroll Solutions


  • Streamline worker time accumulation and payroll procedures to decrease overhead expenses.
  • Eliminate manual entry of work time and payroll information.
  • Get access to numerous flexible options to centralize and suit company payroll needs.


Is Microsoft Dynamics Right for Your Manufacturing Site?


Many manufacturing businesses come a point when their current management systems impede on their capacity to improve business efficiency and prosperity. As your company continues to develop and change, you’ll require more than simple inventory, bookkeeping, and financial reporting processes. Here are five key signals indicating your business’ growth is being stunted by your current system and would benefit from a Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform.


  • You are unable to scale functions to promote business advancement.
  • You are unable to accommodate a mobile workforce
  • You have trouble meeting customer expectations
  • Your business has many separate processes and systems that are difficult to keep track of.


Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Magento for your Manufacturing site Today.


A Microsoft integration facilitated by Forix includes Magento support. If you need a profoundly productive, modernized ERP to help your business surpass expectations and reach unprecedented scales of prosperity, consider integrating Epicor for your manufacturing company today.



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