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Migrate Your B2B eCommerce Website

Migrate Magento B2B eCommerce
So you have your existing B2B eCommerce website, but you’ve decided the current platform isn’t enough for you. Instead, you’ve chosen Magento. But, just because that decision is out of the way, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to do. You must now deal with the process of migration to move your current website before you can get down to business.

Migration can become a time of anxiety and stress. After all, you’re left wondering what might happen if your existing site doesn’t match up with the new platform, what might break in the process, and hundreds of other worries. With Forix, rest easy knowing your Magento B2B website is in the hands of Forix’s Magento managed support experts that can complete your store migration smoothly.


Moving and Developing Features

Magento B2B businesses need a lot of unique features to properly run their online stores that B2C sites may never need to consider. However, depending on your previous platform, some of your store’s features may not be compatible with the Magento framework. To keep your website functioning after the new launch, you’ll need to take these potential gaps into consideration.

The Magento ongoing support team at Forix starts by analyzing your current website and cart features to see what capabilities will make it onto the new Magento site with no problems. After that, we’ll find alternate solutions to your missing features, whether it be through Magento’s vast array of tools and extensions or by developing them ourselves throughout the migration process.


Backing Up Website Data

Forix’s Magento managed services team of top Magento developers have completed many successful migrations in the past. And, while we’re confident in our skills, we always know there’s a chance of the unexpected occurring. To prevent lost data, we always back up your website before starting a migration, ensuring everything makes it to Magento safe and sound.


Design Customization

While Magento will allow you to reproduce your previous web store’s appearance, it does not facilitate automatic copying of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements to make the process easier. Your new website will require design work to get back up to snuff – and Forix can handle it all.

Whether you want to recreate your previous store or relaunch with a fresh new look, our skilled developers can integrate and improve upon whatever design elements your online storefront needs to create the perfect reflection of your brand for customers.


URLs Migration

Besides providing an easily accessible way to your website, URLs are also part of your SEO rankings. Migration can mean adjusting your URLs, but that doesn’t have to mean that you lose the SEO rankings you’ve worked hard for. Rest assured that Forix’s Magento managed services team integrates URL migration wherever possible, keeping your search engine results right where they deserve to be.

Get in touch to learn more about Forix’s Magento B2B services.


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