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Migrate Your Demandware Plus Site to Magento

Migrate your Demandware Site to Magento

Signs You Need to Migrate to Magento


Magento is a dynamic, open-source e-commerce platform with an ability to evolve alongside a growing business in order to meet its ever-changing needs. Over the years, Magento has become one of the most popular platforms in the e-commerce market. With a large range of extensions and customization opportunities, Magento can help business owners boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. According to the Magento managed services experts at Forix, here are a few signs indicating your organization should migrate your e-commerce website to Magento.


  • Your Website Needs Enhanced Security: With Magento, your site will reps the benefits of improved security, including more secure payment processes and safer file storage systems for employees and customers.


  • Your Platform isn’t Flexible: Being a dynamic open-source solution, Magento can consolidate and streamline all ends of your website, so you can have easier access to important information and will be able to make crucial changes to your store in a swiftly and effectively.


Magento vs Demandware Plus


Catering to clients making 20-500 million, Demandware plus is expensive when compared to Magento. In addition, customizing Demandware requires permission, which makes it hard to personalize your website. However, Magento allows admins to customize virtually everything about their site and simplifies the process of modifying a site’s features. With flexible pricing options, Magento is also far more affordable.


Cost and Time


The average business completes a Magento migration in of 3 to 6 months, but the extent of time can vary based on site complexity, data needs, and integrations. The extent of your team’s experience and skills in the area of website design are a large factor in costs. As an expert in all areas of Magento products, the professionals at Forix can assist you in organizing all details of your migration.


Benefits of Magento


A few of the many of benefits offered to Magento users are:


  • SEO optimization: As a modernized platform, Magento contains all the latest information about mobile web design and SEO solutions.


  • Robust Features: Magento provides admins with a variety of extensions and features to better support customers and business owners. Features such as Magento One Step Checkout, Reward Points, Store Credit, and Call for Price are specialized in hopes of bolstering the performance of e-commerce stores.


If you’d like to hear more about how to migrate your Demandware site to Magento, reach out to the Magento managed services experts at Forix today.

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