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Migrate Your Site From Prestashop to Magento

Migrate Your Site From Prestashop to Magento
Making the decision to migrate your eCommerce store to a new platform can be difficult, but the capabilities of Magento make it much easier. While Prestashop strikes a balance between user-friendliness and customization, Magento has some of the most responsive features to build your ideal online store. Thanks to its numerous tools and extensions combined with its SEO capabilities, Magento is the perfect platform to migrate your store to.


Prestashop vs. Magento


Prestashop does allow for some versatility, customization, and SEO capabilities. It also serves as a nice medium between simple development and higher levels and customization. However, Magento is a top performing platform in all these categories and more. Any Magento website has incredible out of the box features that you can seamlessly supplement with open-source extensions. The extensive community makes it easy to find the solution for any issues you may have, and Magento is one of the top platforms in terms of SEO friendliness.


Signs It’s Time to Migrate From Prestashop to Magento


Prestashop does allow for great levels of flexibility in how your design your eCommerce website. However, this platform does sacrifice some customization capabilities for ease of use for users. If you find that you constantly run into roadblocks when trying to update your website, even with Prestashop’s resources, then you likely need a more powerful platform like Magento to make your ideal online store a reality.


You should also migrate to Magento if you don’t feel satisfied with the level of search engine optimization you can perform with Prestashop. While there are versatile SEO features out of the box, Magento has even more settings you can adjust to help boost your search engine rankings. When combined with extension and Magento’s built-in mobile optimization, you can boost your SEO strategy to new levels.


The Time and Cost of Migrating


Simply making the decision to migrate your existing Prestashop store to Magento isn’t enough to complete the process. On average, most stores take three to six months to migrate to Magento. You can expect this time to vary depending on the complexity of your existing store, what add-ons you have, and what other customization options you want to use on your new Magento store.


The cost of your project will depend on the skill and experience level of your web development team. When you work with best Magento developer Forix, we conduct an initial evaluation of your current store and let you know the projected cost and timeline to complete your migration. Throughout the migration process, we work with you to meet your goals and handle any unexpected errors that may occur throughout the process – and we can provide ongoing services to help keep your store in optimal shape.


We know that, as an eCommerce business, your customers expect to always have access to you. That’s why we offer 24/7 tech support services so that you always have access to us when your site encounters trouble. Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently solve any problems, allowing for minimal downtime and an unparalleled customer experience.


Reach out to Forix experts if you want to hear more about website migrations to Magento. Discover the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager by talking to a Forix specialist.

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