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Multichannel Inventory and Sales for Firearms Websites

As more firearms dealers move into digital sales channels, they need a strategy for managing inventory and sales across e-commerce sites, catalogs, and brick-and-mortar stores – aka multichannel or omnichannel markets. The ability to manage inventory and sales activities in real time can set a high quality firearms seller apart from a mediocre one.


Improving Multichannel Inventory and Sales


Firearms dealers range from small, local shops to large sports and outdoors businesses. Regardless of the business size, inventory tracking plays a role in regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. If an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) knows exactly how many Ruger SR9 model 3309’s he has in stock at a given time, the business can personalize customer interactions online and in person to close a deal.


For multichannel inventory and sales systems to work properly, they need to have real-time capabilities and a user friendly interface. Each sale recorded online, via a catalog, or in person, should automatically update the inventory management system with information about products in stock, in a shipping queue, and on hand.


Automated multichannel inventory and sales solutions do more than provide real-time data on inventory and restocking needs. Monthly and annual reports can also provide insights into which firearms and accessories sell best, the busiest months of the year for product sales, and more. Inventory and sales management provides a new level of insight FFLs can use to increase sales, reduce the risk of theft, manage cost-effective inventories, and provide consistent customer service across all sales channels.


Delivering Better Customer Service with Inventory and Sales Management


In the firearms industry, end customers often rely heavily on a dealer’s expertise. Purchasing a new firearm, a new type of ammunition, or an accessory, is not the same as ordering a new drill or pair of pants. The weight of the firearm, the type of grip, and other factors affect the user experience. Training and licensing are just two aspects of firearm safety. Using the right firearm for the person and the activity represents another important safety consideration.


With a strong inventory and sales management system, customer service representatives can match customer needs with the right firearms and ammunitions products and provide accurate information about shipping expectations. When FFLs provide accurate and expert information to other dealers and end customers, they can build credibility in the industry and secure more sales in the future.


The Future of Automated, Integrated Inventory Management and Sales


In 2016, FFLs conducted background checks on more than 27 million firearm purchases. So far in 2017, the FBI has recorded more than 14 million background checks. The firearms and ammunition industry represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for FFLs that know how to leverage multichannel marketing and sales. If your business targets hunting, military use, or another niche in the market, you need an accurate inventory management and sales system to cut through the competition and deliver a better customer service experience.


Consider a comprehensive e-commerce solution with multichannel inventory and sales tracking capabilities as a way to boost your bottom line, and develop a reputation for success in the firearms industry. As consumer demands and regulatory requirements shift, consider an inventory and sales solution as a must-have tool to build a competitive edge. To get more from your inventory and sales tracking experience, work with Forix for Magento powered e-commerce platform development solutions.

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