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NetSuite Integration with Magento for Apparel

NetSuite Integration with Magento for Apparel

NetSuite Magento integration can introduce your apparel company to the number one cloud-based unified business management ERP suite on the market. NetSuite worked hard to earn this title, serving more than 40,000 organizations across an enormous spectrum of industries while maintaining stellar customer ratings and testimonials. If you’ve been experiencing issues due to having multiple vendors and systems handling your business, NetSuite could be your all-in-one solution. Get in touch with Forix for more information about NetSuite Magento integration.


Case Study: How NetSuite Enhanced Alton Lane

NetSuite is well-suited for the apparel, retail, and fashion industries. Just ask Alton Lane – one of many apparel companies that experienced rapid growth after integrating NetSuite. Alton Lane integrated NetSuite to consolidate its QuickBooks and Erply POS systems, which were failing to provide a level of business visibility Alton Lane needed to thrive. NetSuite enabled Alton Lane to stay fast and flexible in the highly competitive apparel industry.

NetSuite gave this menswear company a new platform to achieve a seamless omnichannel experience across physical showrooms, online interfaces, and a call center. Thanks to NetSuite, Alton Lane expanded to eight showrooms across America – one of which is a unique “showroom-on-wheels” that tours the country in a vintage Airstream RV. Alton Lane can continue to expand at a rapid pace while still maintaining optimal cost-efficiency far into the future.


What Does NetSuite Offer That Is Tailored to the Industry?

As fashions change with the seasons, so does inventory. Inventory issues can be a problem for even the most sophisticated and established apparel company. Integrating proven software such as NetSuite, however, could put you a step ahead of the competition. Instead of making costly inventory mistakes such as over- or under-stocking, trust NetSuite to automate inventory management for effortless accuracy.

NetSuite does much more than tackle inventory, however; it can benefit apparel companies by providing a seamless omnichannel experience for shoppers. For instance, NetSuite can combine an e-commerce clothing shop with your brick-and-mortar stores across several different locations. That way, if a customer purchases something online, he or she can take it to the local shop to return it. Or if a customer buys a gift card in-store, he or she can use it to make e-commerce purchases.


Is This Integration Right for You?

NetSuite can give an apparel company the gift of flexibility. Apparel is one of the industries most in need of the ability to adapt. Apparel companies can experience drastic peaks and valleys in sales with seasonal items. NetSuite can help you maintain steady revenue during the low points and to keep up with supply and demand at the high points – with hardly any effort on your part. NetSuite integration can be a dream when it comes to apparel industry scalability. If this sounds like something you could use, contact Forix for the next step.


Integrate with Magento for an Apparel Site Today

Curious about whether NetSuite is right for your company, or how to integrate NetSuite with Magento for apparel sites? Forix has all the experience across industries and integrations you need to make your consolidation of systems easy for everyone involved. Contact us today to request help from our Magento managed support team.



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