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NetSuite Integration with Magento B2B Platorm


NetSuite Integration with Magento for B2B Platform

B2B eCommerce can integrate with NetSuite on Magento

Oracle’s NetSuite business management software is the global leader in cloud ERP. It is one unified suite that provides CRM, e-commerce solutions, and ERP/Financials for more than 40,000 organizations. Many of these organizations are B2B platforms. Business to Business portals need to be able to quickly adapt to evolving needs and technologies within the industry. Failing to accommodate changing needs can result in a B2B platform losing touch with its buyers and sellers. Stay competitive, conquer supply/demand trends, and keep your platform in business for the long haul with a NetSuite Magento integration.


NetSuite B2B Industry Success Story

Businesses that manage B2B platforms can greatly benefit from NetSuite Magento integration. An impressive success story from the B2B industry (although technically not a B2B platform) is a brand name you’ve likely heard before – DocuSign. DocuSign modernized its platform with NetSuite after the volume of its business grew to be unmanageable with 100,000 customers worldwide. NetSuite streamlined the company, helping it save time, money, and other valuable resources as it continued to grow as a B2B.

Prior to NetSuite integration, DocuSign spread its business process across multiple cloud-based systems with spreadsheet-based processes. Many B2B platform companies have similar business models – and similar problems. Integrating NetSuite provided a huge improvement in that it replaced DocuSign’s inefficient on-premises software to make it a 100% cloud-based enterprise. Optimized efficiency has helped DocuSign remove logjams, leading to much faster processes and greater company productivity. B2B platforms can experience the same benefits, streamlining their processes to provide the best possible experience to vendors and sellers.


How Could B2B Platforms Benefit from NetSuite? Are There Tailored Services?

B2B platforms have gone digital. It is no longer enough to function as only an in-store or brick-and-mortar brand. Technology has changed the way B2B consumers function. Adapting to these changes is critical for long-term B2B platform success. You must join and keep up with e-commerce and digital platforms to keep your company relevant. NetSuite integration can accomplish exactly this, as well as lend the following benefits:


  • Speedy multichannel communications
  • Direct data integration
  • Scalability of your platform
  • Personalization of your services
  • Expedited negotiation processes with business buyers
  • Stronger supplier and vendor relationships
  • Streamlined warehouses, inventories, and storage
  • Automated drop-shipping services
  • Marketing automation and campaign management
  • Maximized sales through high visibility into new opportunities.


NetSuite can help both startup and established B2B platforms provide a top-quality e-commerce site for sellers. If you still aren’t convinced, talk to a Forix representative today. We can help you review all the ways NetSuite Magento integration might benefit you.


Find Out If NetSuite Is Right for You

Instead of wasting valuable time, energy, and resources trying to balance multiple channels and vendors, learn whether NetSuite is right for you during a consultation at Forix. We’ll weigh the pros and cons of NetSuite Magento integration for your B2B platform enterprise.


Integrate NetSuite with Your B2B Platform

Integrate NetSuite with Magento for your B2B platform to achieve its full potential. Enjoy a single system that takes care of all of your business processing needs – as well as prepares your company for the future. Trust Forix for our years of experience handling integrations in the B2B platform business, as well as our Magento managed support.


Curious about how to get the most out of NetSuite for your Magento B2B website? Reach out to the experts at Forix.



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