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NetSuite Integration with Magento for Fashion

NetSuite Integration with Magento for Fashion

NetSuite is the top-rated cloud-based ERP in the world. This premier business software solution combines all fashion company processes into one unified system, making business a breeze for owners, executives, and employees. Whether you’re a fashion designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, NetSuite Magento integration could be the answer to all of your processing needs. Join more than 40,000 organizations that rely on NetSuite with help from Forix Web Design.


How Has NetSuite Impacted the Fashion Industry?

As one of the most popular business management software platforms, NetSuite boasts thousands of success stories from brands in the fashion industry. One of the better-known name brands NetSuite transformed is Lucky Brand. The global fashion retailer Lucky Brand integrated NetSuite OneWorld to take over management of its mission-critical business processes. NetSuite now runs the company’s inventory management, compliance needs, multichannel integrations, B2B/B2C wholesale operations, and more.

Thanks to NetSuite integration, Lucky Brand can seamlessly manage business and customer data across 259 brick-and-mortar locations and its e-commerce website. Compared to its competitors, NetSuite offered a broader range of flexibility and agility suitable for the company’s growth. Lucky Brand now benefits from NetSuite’s unified platform, cloud-based systems, real-time visibility, and scalability to enter new markets. Lucky Brand is just one of many companies in the fashion industry that have benefitted from NetSuite integration.


Why and How Would Fashion Benefit from the Integration?

NetSuite isn’t just a comprehensive solution for everyone; it offers custom-tailored software capabilities specifically for the fashion and apparel industries. If you’re wondering how exactly NetSuite integration might benefit your fashion company, a conversation with Forix could open your eyes to a world of possibilities. NetSuite is popular in fashion because it gives business owners capabilities such as to:

  • Link multi-location retail stores together
  • Combine multichannel functions into one system
  • Create beautiful and functional fashion e-commerce sites
  • Automate marketing and inventory processes
  • Keep up with large or seasonal inventories
  • Provide seamless customer support
  • Differentiate your fashion or retail brand from competitors
  • Deliver an exceptional shopping experience to customers
  • Move your enterprise to the cloud for modern business

NetSuite is unique in that it focuses on the front- and back-ends equally. It is primarily a system for business owners to enhance their companies, but it also focuses on the end customer. NetSuite helps fashion companies center their enterprises around customers – not channels. Instead of spending your time fighting with contrasting systems, spend it enhancing the customer experience.


How to Know If NetSuite Magento Integration Is Right for You

NetSuite might not be right for everyone, but it could be the answer to your problems if you’re missing out on any of the above-listed capabilities with your current software. NetSuite integration with Magento can help you finally achieve the epitome of modern business management. Discover what your brand could potentially achieve thanks to NetSuite during a conversation with an experienced professional.


Master Your Magento NetSuite Integration Today

Forix has years of experience handling simple – to the most complex – Magento integrations across hundreds of industries and fashion niche groups. We can put our Magento managed support services to good use by helping you integrate NetSuite with Magento for your fashion site today. Reach out to us for more information.



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