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Optimize Your Website With Magento Managed Services

optimize website with magento managed services
Magento managed support from Forix offers your own personal team of Magento website support, available any time you need them. They work round the clock to ensure your website is up to date, and they offer customer service anytime you need it. Give your customers the best experience possible with these top features.


Improve Your SEO


Help customers find your business with improved search engine optimization practices (SEO), which is not something that stays static. It is constantly changing to fit the needs to the search engines. Instead of wasting all your time trying to figure out the latest updates, let Forix keep your website up to date for you. Magento managed services will optimize your site, making it show up higher in the search engine results. We can calculate important keywords and create the opportunity for your Magento B2B to shine.


Increase Your Website Speed


This past summer, Google rolled out the speed update. If your website is too slow, it will fall to the bottom of the pile, reducing your traffic. Magento ongoing support from top Magento developer Forix can help increase your website’s speed by optimizing it for performance. We utilize professional tools and programs to build your site, clearing up and clunky code. We also keep your extensions up to date and free of bugs. By providing round the clock support for your site, we can prevent slow speeds before they even happen.


Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices


Like speed, Google also takes into account your website’s optimization for mobile devices. If your Magento site does not adapt to the user’s viewing screen, you are actually hurting your chances of discovery. We’ll build a mobile-friendly version of your site that will display products and information in a way that is easy to read on any size screen. While this may seem like a minor detail, one in five Americans is dependent on their smartphones, meaning they have no other way to access the internet. If they can’t see your products, they won’t shop with you.


Help Your Customers Feel Secure


Security is a big issue for many websites. If you are asking people to store their information with you, they want to know it is going to be secure. Give your customers peace of mind with Magento managed services from Forix watching over your site. Forix provides 24/7 security, keeping an eye out for security patches, data breaches, and anything else that may endanger your customers’ information. Our team gets first notifications when security updates go live, giving you the most up to date security updates. Don’t abuse your customers’ trust. Give them a reason to trust your site and return to shop with you in the future. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.

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