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An Overview of Magento Salesforce Integration

E-commerce businesses of all sizes need two things to flourish and that is an e-commerce platform like Magento and an efficient Customer Relationship Management or a CRM platform. With the demand for storefronts gradually declining, more businesses are choosing to switch to e-commerce.
The problem can be seen in terms of loss in productivity and human error which can further be traced back to the lack of integrations and optimizations of Magento Platforms. This is where Magento Salesforce Integration and e-commerce optimization services can be of help to you.

What is Magento Salesforce Integration?
The Magneto Salesforce Integration can help you create a centralized platform to store your customer data. This unified platform allows your sales team to record crucial data such as purchases and interactions. The data gathered from this platform can be used to create strategies and plans to boost profits as well as sales.
Special care must be taken to integrate your Magento website with Salesforce. Just like your e-commerce SEO efforts are carried out by a dedicated e-commerce SEO company, your integration should also be handled by dedicated Magento integration services.

How to prepare your website for Magento integration?
Integration is a major step for your website and that is why you should make sure that your data transfer is carried out optimally. Given below are certain tips that can help you prepare your Magento website before an integration:

  1. Choosing the Integration Approach: – While a lot of businesses do choose a non-customizable approach, there are quite a lot of problems associated with them. For instance, it will increase your dependency on third-party solutions. This is why choosing a customized approach will offer your better control over the process.
  2. Selecting an Integration Module: – There are several options now available on the market offering Magento salesforce integration modules. This is why you should consider the needs and expectations of your customers before choosing an integration module.
  3. Defining your project requirements: – Make sure that you have a clear idea and vision about your store. Consider the internal resources needed to maintain the systems, additional functionalities, and upgrades to the system before the commencement of your integration process.

How can Magento Salesforce save a lot of time for your business?
Once the integration process is complete your system will automatically start syncing data. Manual data entry can take up a lot of time and thus by synching the following types of data you will be able to save up a lot of time

  • Customer Details: – Customer data such as name, address, and contact details are automatically synced.
  • Payment Details: – Synching Payment details minimize the risk associated with typing in the wrong card details.
  • Order Data: – Crucial order data such as inventory data, invoices, shipments, tracking numbers, and addresses are synched and updated regularly to boost productivity.

Thus, choosing a suitable Magento Integration services company that offers transparency can give you the confidence required to go through with your Magento Salesforce Integration.

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