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The Most Powerful Magento 2 Features Out of the Box

Today, Magento is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. Any business that wants to improve its online shopping experience, decrease bounce rates, and maximize purchase values will appreciate the powerful features Magento 2 offers right out of the box.

Powerful Magento 2 Features You Won’t Want to Miss

Magento 2 was released in 2015 and represents a technical rewrite of the original platform that offers enhanced performance, stability, and functionality. Every business that uses the Magento platform can benefit from the following powerful features available with every version of the platform:

  1. A streamlined administration panel. The old administrator dashboard was clunky and difficult to navigate. Only those with experience in the system knew how to effectively use it to update and maintain the site. The new dashboard is intuitive, easy to navigate, and highly functional.
  2. A superior shopping cart/checkout experience. Many retailers appreciate how the new Magento platform has improved the user’s shopping experience. The one-page checkout simplifies the process for account holders and guest purchasers. Features, including more payment extensions, shipping options, and saved shopping cart capabilities allow stores to capitalize on both immediate and delayed sales opportunities.
  3. Product listing video capabilities. Today’s consumers want to do more than view pictures of a product. They want to see a 360° view or a demonstration before they make a purchasing decision. All levels of the Magento 2 platform allow administrators to upload product listing videos. The platform integrates with social media for a truly multi-channel and video-driven shopping experience.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly architecture. Magento is search engine friendly. It contains automated features to improve visibility for search terms, products, URLs, and pages. Magento 2 is also much faster and more reliable than its predecessor. The built-in technical and content-focused SEO capabilities can reduce the amount of maintenance required for optimal online visibility.
  5. Integrated analytics capabilities. Magento 2 integrates with Google Analytics to provide users with detailed digital performance information at the click of a button. Access reports on sales, coupons, product views, inventory, and more to identify and reach sales goals.

All versions of Magento 2 are mobile-friendly, integration-friendly, and user-friendly. These features allow Magento 2 to maintain its reputation as one of, if not the, best e-commerce platform in the world.

Exclusive Enterprise Level Features

Retailers who invest in the enterprise-level versions of the Magento platform have access to even more out-of-the-box features. These features take the essential functionality of the platform to the next level for improved conversions and sales values:

  1. Personalization. Convert more site visitors with customer segmentation and targeted online sales campaigns. The platform allows users to identify and reach customers using targeted messages for improved sales and customer loyalty.
  2. Upselling/cross selling capabilities. Dynamic rule-based product connection functionality allows retailers to present an increased number of relevant products to increase the likelihood of a high value sale.
  3. Gift and wish list features. Give shoppers the ability to register with your store for parties, weddings, and showers. Provide gift card options, and allow shoppers to save items on a wish list to encourage multifaceted online interactions.
  4. Streamlined B2B capabilities. Provide your B2B customers with increased control over the ordering process with stock keeping unit (SKU) ordering. Customers can input known SKU numbers instead of searching for individual products to expedite the transaction.
  5. Improved compliance features. Enterprise-level customers can use the built-in Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) certified application to reduce the costs associated with payment card industry (PCI) compliance. These customers also have access to strong data encryption and key management capabilities.

These five features represent only a small selection of capabilities that come with an enterprise-level Magento 2 experience. Large B2B and B2C retailers will appreciate the advanced, user-friendly options available in the enterprise-level platform.

Forix for Magento 2 Development and Maintenance

If you’re interested in learning more about what Magento 2 can do for your e-commerce business, get in touch with a representative. As a Magento Enterprise solutions partner, we have the expertise and experience to build out and guide our clients through the entire Magento 2 development process process.

Whether you’re interested in a new site build, or managed support services for existing Magento instances, talk to our team about how we can help you reach your online sales goals starting today.

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