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Product Builders for Firearm Websites

While some firearms enthusiasts appreciate the build of brand crafted firearms, others want a more customized experience. They want stocks or grips that fit comfortably, prefer specific firing mechanisms, and look for high quality accessories that will match their upcoming firearm purchases. Instead of displaying pages of standalone products, many companies now offer robust product builder applications on their e-commerce sites.

Components of Firearms Product Builders


Product builders give consumers the ability to choose the materials and components they want most in a firearm. Many use this method to build semi-automatic AR-15s for recreational shooting, but others search for product builders to customize handguns and other firearms for specific use cases.


In the case of a handgun, a product builder showcases many different options for the building including the frame, frame color, slide style, grip color, sight style, safety mechanism, modifications, finishes, and firing mechanism.


A product builder can also give consumers an opportunity to pair a brand-crafted firearm with accessories that complement the selection. Site visitors can combine scopes, grip covers, holsters, firearms, and tactical gear to see how all of the components fit together. Even if your brand does not support custom gun building, a product builder can still deliver value during the online shopping experience.

Firearms Product Builders and Concealed Carry Permits


Many who use product builders to purchase firearms do so to complete a concealed carry ensemble. For women, in particular, the ability to choose the right firearm features and accessories can affect firearm accessibility and usability. While the right handgun and concealed carry bag may seem unimportant to some, the right selection can improve a woman’s ability to defend herself in a life-threatening situation.


Today, the majority of US states issue concealed carry permits allowing individuals to carry concealed firearms in most public spaces. Twelve states, including Alaska, Missouri, and Idaho allow law abiding adults to carry firearms without any kind of permit. Another dozen or so, including Hawaii, New York, and California, enforce such stringent permit requirements that few people qualify for a permit. In the states that do allow concealed carry permits, a product builder application can help prospective firearms owners choose the right selection of products for checkout.

Product Builders and Other Firearms Use Cases


A product builder can also come in handy for individuals putting together hunting and tactical shooting supplies. Often, navigating back and forth between products/browser tabs creates frustration. With a product builder, a deer hunter can select a rifle, scope, ammunition, slings, rests/bipods/tripods, and other accessories that can make a hunting experience more enjoyable.


Use a product builder to give customers an ability to add a monogram to the stock of a firearm or see what a different color scheme would look like in real life. The possibilities for product, kit, and package customizations are endless with a Magento powered product builder.

Better Product Builders with Magento Commerce Platform


Whether you give your customers the ability to build a firearm from the frame up, or select a firearm and assortment of complementary accessories, a product builder is the perfect way to help customers envision your products in their lives. Work with a Magento Enterprise platform developer such as Forix to develop user-friendly product builders that keep your customers coming back to your site year after year.


Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is for commercial and educational purposes and is not legal advice or opinion and should not be relied upon as such. Forix does not make any claims to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information contained on this site as all laws including firearms laws may change without notice at any given time. It is your responsibility to understand all laws and regulations applicable to you in regards to firearm use, handling, purchasing, and sales at any time.

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