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Provide High-Quality Purchasing Experiences with Magento

Purchasing Experiences with Magento
When it comes to having a successful e-commerce website, business owners need to think about all levels of the customer purchasing process – and provide a high-quality experience on all fronts. Neglecting any stage can make it difficult to attract business, create conversions, and keep customers from coming back.


A well-developed website can help counter many of these issues. Magento Commerce is here to help bring in new and consistent business – and having a top developer from a Magento agency can help you make the most of it.


What Contributes to a High-Quality Purchasing Experience?


Customers have high expectations of what shopping online should be like. When they don’t see their expectations fulfilled, it can easily lead to cart abandonment or scare off a potential repeat customer. Both of these outcomes are bad for business and can set back your brand. So what can e-commerce site owners do to provide customers with the optimal shopping experience?


Streamlined Website


Customers won’t even consider making a purchase if they can’t find what they’re looking for in a timely manner. Your website should respond quickly, have robust search options, use an easy to navigate design, and provide all the necessary product information to allow customers to make an informed decision.


Enable Faster Checkouts


Complicated checkout procedures that take up too much of a customer’s time are a detriment. Speed and ease of completion are essential in today’s market. If your website takes too long to complete a purchase, there’s a strong chance your customer will move on to another option. A simple checkout solution and integrated payment options will make things easier.


Avoiding Hidden Tax Fees


Customers want to know exactly what they’ll pay when making a purchase right from their cart. If tax applies to a purchase, there’s a chance their final cost will exceed their expectations. When this happens, it can lead to cart abandonment or loss of potential sales. Transparency is the key. Give your customers all their pricing information from the start.


Competitive Shipping Options


The same problems with surprise tax fees also apply to shipping rates. Fast, low-cost shipping has become the standard, and your site should provide the same. Giving your customers a variety of competitively priced options that meet their delivery time frames and budgets is key.


Customized Post Purchase Experiences


It’s much harder to attract a new customer than it is to focus on your customer retention rates. The post-purchase time frame is the place to do this. Your website should provide straightforward purchase information, as well as target customers’ specific interests for an enjoyable and interactive experience. You can also include additional information in a transactional email to direct customers to other aspects, like leaving a review or connecting on social media.


Providing High-Quality Shopping Experiences With Magento


Magento is a strong choice for an e-commerce website – and taking advantage of a top agency for ongoing support can help you make the most of it. Magento Commerce is constantly receiving new integrations that can help your online store. Some of the most recent additions include:


  • New payment options with Amazon pay and Klarna
  • Tax calculations through Vertex
  • Access to competitive shipping partners


In whole, Magento Commerce also hits all the checkmarks when it comes to a streamlined website with comprehensive store and mobile response features that work in both desktop and mobile environments. With managed Magento services from a top agency like Forix helping your website, you can take advantage of all the options this platform has to offer.


Forix’s top developers provide comprehensive Magento managed services to help your e-commerce website continue to grow:


  • Development. When you want to update your site, add new features and functionality, or integrate third-party systems, our agency can do it all. You’ll always have a Magento-certified developer working to adhere to the best practices and give you the most up-to-date services so that your website is always optimized for customer use.


  • Support. With our dedicated ongoing technical services, you’ll always have someone to help you when complications arise. We understand that any time your website is down is time you’re losing out on potential purchases. That’s why we provide top-quality maintenance to keep your site running – and your customers satisfied.


  • Design. A strong and simple design is essential to making your store appealing to customers. Out managed services include ongoing developer support to help build your Magento site to match your brand and vision while still making navigation straightforward on the user end.


  • Consulting. If you’re uncertain of what you need to do to optimize your website, we do more than provide technical support and maintenance. Our managed services include top developer consulting services to put your e-commerce on the path to success. We listen to your goals and integrate your vision seamlessly into your Magento website.


With managed services, you receive developer support in all these areas and more to help you best target all stages of the customer purchasing experience, from initial landing on the website all the way through to post-purchase follow up. When you target all stages, you’re meeting customer’s expectations, which can help you attract new buyers and bring old ones back.


Having a top developer can help you bring together the best of Magento and its possible extensions for your e-commerce website. When you can manage data, inventory, content, and customer personalization while understanding customer’s needs, you can see the results. A Magento managed services agency will make it possible to achieve the best outcome – without you needing to become a technical expert overnight.



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