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Quick Look: What Are Progressive Web Apps?

New trends and innovations change how we conduct eCommerce each day – leading many businesses to wonder, what are progressive web apps? This new web technology can provide significant benefits to your business. The use of a progressive web app can significantly boost your website speed, provide streamlined mobile shopping experiences, and provide a better user experience on your mobile site.


What Are Progressive Web Apps?


A Progressive Web App (PWA) uses contemporary web capabilities to provide a user experience on a site similar to how you would use an app. Simply put, PWAs deliver app-like experiences to mobile users within a web browser. They provide an attractive interface and streamlined operation, giving users the best of both experiences.


PWAs load like regular web pages but have the same benefits of mobile apps, such as the ability to work offline, receive push notifications, and enable a responsive web design. Users can even navigate PWAs like apps within their web browser – creating the app experience without the downsides.


Every PWA must have these attributes:


  • Responsive
  • Connectivity independent
  • App-like interactions
  • Fresh: always up-to-date
  • Safe: Served via a TLS (a Service Worker requirement)
  • Discoverable
  • Re-engageable
  • Installable
  • Linkable


Do these terms seem confusing? Not to worry – you can reach out to an eCommerce expert at Forix to explore PWA’s as an option for your online store.


What Are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps?


PWAs are aesthetically pleasing and accessible for many users. Their benefits can greatly improve eCommerce operations and boost your company higher in search results, thanks to decreased loading time. Additional benefits of PWAs include the following:


  • PWAs are independent of internet connectivity, thanks to the registered service worker. They can work online, offline, or on low quality networks for maximum web traffic.


  • PWAs remain fresh and up-to-date thanks to the registered service worker, which updates the app seamlessly.


  • PWAs help users skip the hassle of downloading an app. The process of logging into the app store, downloading, creating an account, downloading multiple updates, and logging back into the app can get old quickly. One of the greatest benefits of progressive web apps is that they provide an app-like experience with the ease-of-use of a browser.


  • Users can keep PWAs for later use without the hassle of downloading from the app store. They can save PWAs to their home screen for online and offline use.


  • The simplicity and easy-to-use interface of PWAs can increase the likelihood of your users making large purchases and spending more time on your webpage.


Who Uses Progressive Web Apps?


Corporations are recognizing the demands of modern mobile users for app-like experiences on an accessible, speedy platform. These companies are leveraging current technology by implementing an eCommerce progressive web app on their site, rather than investing in app development.


PWAs are quickly gaining popularity among high-performing companies. With the numerous benefits these features can provide, it’s no wonder so many Magento sites are investing in their installation.


Do you want to learn more about PWAs and how you can add them to your Magento website? Contact Forix today to explore your Magento mobile strategy.

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