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Reform Your Magento Mobile Optimization Strategy

Magento Mobile Optimization Strategy
Mobile devices have become one of the most prominent forms of access to the internet. As such, having a mobile-friendly website has become essential for attracting visitors and making conversions. Not having a mobile optimized site can be especially damaging for those with e-commerce businesses.


For those who have their websites set up with the Magento platform, you have plenty of options for making it mobile-friendly. Whether you consider integrating extensions or responsive themes, having a top developer on your side can help with ongoing technical support for mobile optimization.


Why You Need to Optimize Your Website for Mobile


As mentioned, mobile devices are becoming the go-to way for people to access the internet. Websites that don’t respond quickly or display properly on mobile devices give the visitor a frustrating experience and can lead to a high bounce rate, which no website owner wants to see.


Even more, Google recognizes the importance of mobile optimization so much that it’s become an essential part of SEO. Websites that are mobile responsive receive a boost over websites that aren’t. If you want to be competitive when it comes to SEO, preparing your website for mobile use isn’t an option.


Those who run e-commerce businesses also need to stay on top of the mobile game. Mobile sales have only increased over the years as more people rely on their phones for making purchases. Users also switch across devices when completing tasks online, including shopping. Having a website that can handle both is essential to drawing in business – and completing sales.


Boosting Mobile Optimization Through Magento


If you already have a Magento website, then you’re in luck: Magento can create mobile-friendly e-commerce. If you work with Magento 2, then you have a head start as the default theme is already mobile responsive, and it includes a touchscreen friendly setup. It also can adjust to a variety of devices besides smartphones, such as tablets and smart TV screens.


While these are excellent features to have, Magento can do even more to revolutionize your mobile optimization strategy. However, you won’t achieve the best possible results without any effort. Besides simply using Magento, you have two major strategies you can adopt.


Magento Extensions


As an open-source platform, there are several extensions available for adjusting your website. These extensions do the work of converting your website into a mobile friendly version. Extensions like Couch Commerce and Tenfoot take very little work on your end and even less technical knowledge. They’re mostly automated, so you can convert your website with little hassle.


Besides providing mobile optimization, these extensions also are SEO friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about adjusting your entire strategy after they do their thing. With a focus on e-commerce, installing a Magento extension can help you easily make your online store available to the mobile customer.


Using a Responsive Theme


Extensions can help you out a lot, but they can also add additional files and processes when displaying your site. While Google won’t outright penalize you for this, it does prefer when your website has a streamlined experience over several screens with fewer resources.


Therefore, the use of a responsive theme is helpful for giving you the top results from your website. Many official Magento themes are mobile responsive, as are others from open source developers. If you search around, you should have no trouble finding a responsive theme that fits the design you want for your website.


However, you want to exercise caution when installing a new theme. If you don’t have the proper support, you can easily make an error that will break your store. With a Magento Managed Support team behind you, you can get managed support options that will make it possible to get the most out of your site.


Including Essential E-Commerce Features


Customers have an expectation of what they should be able to do when it comes to online shopping – and mobile e-commerce is no different. Your website should be able to provide these features on both your desktop and mobile sites:


  • Ensuring your mobile store opens quickly
  • Providing full product details
  • Displaying shipping costs and delivery dates
  • Allowing shoppers to continue shopping after adding an item to the cart
  • Providing a detailed summary after the purchase is made
  • Using viable search indexing
  • Ensuring customer control level of zoom
  • Filtering of user reviews
  • Letting customers edit the cart while reviewing order details


All of these aspects are essential to a smooth online shopping experience for your customers. If your mobile website can’t keep up, there’s a strong chance a customer may abandon their order or not make a follow-up purchase.


The Importance of Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services for Mobile Optimization


If you want to fully optimize your Magento site for mobile, having the support of a top agency can make all the difference. As mentioned, installing a new theme can be difficult if you don’t have the proper technical knowledge. You may cause damage to your website or lose essential data in the process.


Use of a Magento managed services agency like Forix can be your solution. With a top developer to help support and provide maintenance on your website, you’ll be able to achieve proper mobile optimization with ease, making sure your online store checks out on SEO requirements and provides the best experience for customers.


With Magento ongoing support and maintenance, Forix can help you understand and implement your Magento extension and theme options to help set up your site. If you need help with any other aspect of your site, out managed support services can provide a top developer to keep your Magento e-commerce site in perfect order.



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