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Responsive Website Design and Your CRO Strategy

Responsive Website Design and Your CRO Strategy
If you’ve worked on any aspect of your SEO strategy, you already know how important it is to have a responsive website design. You may have also considered it in relation to CRO, hoping to capture the attention of mobile users. But do you understand the full effects of responsive web design on creating conversions for your e-commerce website?

Mobile devices have become the default method for accessing the internet for many, and online shoppers are no exception. Many people prefer the quick accessibility that comes from being able to order something anytime, anywhere. And that means if your online store doesn’t have mobile responsiveness, then you’re losing out on potential customers.

If you have CRO on the mind, it’s time to start with ensuring that your visitors have the optimal mobile experience ready for them.


Responsive Website Design and Dedicated Mobile Websites

When a customer attempts to complete a purchase on a mobile device and the website’s suited for desktop, there’s little more than frustration in the future. Zooming in to find the relevant information and hitting buttons more accessible on a larger screen are more than enough to send a customer off your website – and onto someone else’s.

Both responsive website design and dedicated mobile websites play a role in solving this problem. A responsive website design will automatically adjust your existing web page to best suit the device it’s on, while dedicated mobile sites have design elements intended for viewing on a phone or tablet.

At a minimum, your e-commerce site should be responsive. A dedicated mobile site can help you when conducting further optimizations and when it comes to load time, but you may not have the resources to manage two separate bodies of content. Even so, both these types of sites will help you take advantage of the mobile market of online shoppers, increasing your conversions and dropping bounce rates.


Building Your CRO Strategy Around Mobile

With recent changes to SEO best practices, you’ve likely already started thinking about your mobile experience to help boost your site’s search engine rankings. You need to do the same for your CRO strategy. If you’re working with a responsive design, think about how your website will look on all possible devices and make sure to adjust as necessary.

When you’re working with a dedicated mobile website, you don’t need to think so much about mobile when working on your desktop website. You do, however, need to think about how to create the best mobile experience. Since you’re working on a dedicated site, users will expect it to work as intended on their phones, so build it with those design elements in mind.


Magento Managed Services and Design to Prepare You for Mobile

With so much e-commerce business happening through mobile devices, thinking about how your Magento website displays outside of the desktop version is essential for CRO. Forix’s website design and Magento managed services teams understand the impact of mobile responsiveness on your online store’s success, so we work to ensure your Magento website is effective on all devices, whether you want to build from the ground up or upgrade an existing website.

Reach out to our Magento support services team to learn more.

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