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Retail Pro Integration with Magento for Sporting Goods


Integrations help you drive business performance by leveraging data from a single source. This helps you improve your customer relationships, tailor your marketing campaigns, and more. The integration process connects different and often disparate applications together to create a unified whole. A new, comprehensive system helps you achieve your business goals with ease. Magento can assist in building a customized set of integrations that combine your new and existing hardware and software, creating an integrated system that’s simple to use. Enjoy the benefits of and efficiency with integrations and technology solutions with Forix’s Magento managed services.

Retail Pro Integration with Magento

Integrating your e-commerce store with an enterprise resource planning tools like Retail Pro can help you achieve your business goals. No matter the size of your business, you can enjoy the benefits exclusive to the technology. It automatically adjusts for regulatory changes, different tax rates across state lines, and customizes shopping experiences to improve customer engagement. Combining a Retail Pro ERP with your web development platform helps you manage all your business processes in one place while saving time and money.

Businesses in the sporting goods industry can especially benefit from using the system. Popular shoe brand Mizuno is just one example of a company that leverages a Retail Pro integration on their website. No matter what kind of product you sell, you can use the Retail Pro Suite of services to be on the top of your game. Chat with a Forix Magento ongoing support specialist to learn more about why Retail Pro is a good fit for your website. 

Why Your Sporting Goods Store Can Benefit from Retail Pro

Your sporting goods business can achieve more, customize the shopping experience, and improve its bottom line with a Retail Pro integration. Consider some of the benefits:

  • Reduced error, thanks to accurate data entry from a single point.
  • Inventory management, which ensures you’re never underselling or overselling your products.
  • Develop customized reporting that allows you to act on buyer trends and behavior.
  • Create your own workflows to maximize your efficiency.
  • Allow payments with taxing and adjustments for 129 countries.
  • Enjoy the benefit of Magento’s powerful visualization tools when integrated with our ERP.


Is a Retail Pro Integration Right for Your Magento Site?

Retail Pro is one of the most common enterprise resource planning tools for sporting goods labels large and small. Customers use it because of its high level of customization and the number of retail and POS solutions available. Consider the following points as you consider if a Retail Pro integration is right for your business:

  • Business size. The solutions Retail Pro provides are completely scalable. You can leverage it for a single store or use it to view shopping trends throughout your stores scattered across the entire country.
  • Third-Party Integration. With Magento managed support, Retail Pro offers integration with other types of third-party applications, so you can enjoy added efficiency.
  • Security. Retail Pro automatically updates according to new industry regulations, so you won’t have to worry about being compliant. Peace of mind and customer security is essential to your business success.

Businesses in the sporting goods industry must ensure their inventory is up-to-date and change out their inventory to reflect the latest recreational trends. Whether you sell running apparel or boating accessories, you can enjoy the benefits of a Retail Pro integration on your Magento site.

Every Retail Pro integration with Forix comes with added Magento ongoing support. Using Magento, you can enjoy a seamless integration experience with your new ERP toolkit. Using an integration like Retail Pro for your sporting goods store can help improve your customer relationships, allow you to act on trends in the industry, and give your business room to grow. Best of all, Retail Pro’s suite of solutions is customizable to your unique needs and business goals.

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