Forix has helped hundreds of businesses develop, launch, and maintain their web and eCommerce needs for over a decade.
Don’t take our word for it…

“The great thing about Forix is that we can come to them with a challenge, or even a loosely defined goal, and they’ll figure out how to bring the right technology solution forward.”

“I’ve worked with the top agencies in the country and Forix’s UX design has been the best I’ve ever worked with.”

“We have some amazing custom integrations that will help us match the ongoing demand and reach mobile customers. With our new site, we are equipped with the tools we need to provide a captivating brand experience.”

“Working with Forix on our Magento 2 site has been a phenomenal experience. The team has been more than helpful and extremely diligent in ensuring all issues that arise are resolved in a timely manner. From everything to new developments to answering simple questions, the Project Management team works to help make the site better every day. Forix is reliable and their expertise is second to none. Forix will exceed your expectations in all areas – from project timelines to deliverables, UX designs and more. Our ecommerce website is the best it has ever been, and it’s all thanks to the team at Forix!”

“Our e-commerce initiative was delayed for a very long time, and Forix stuck with us through those many fits and starts. Their owners, PMs and devs were always patient and thoughtful in repling to our myriad of questions. As the lone IT staffer on this project, it was comforting to know that their methods of rigorously managing a complex code base with many customizations was well thought out, robust, and most of all secure. We’re very pleased with the result and would recommend them in a heartbeat, for Magento (or any other) projects.”

“We couldn’t be happier with Forix and our new website. We’ve gone through our share of bad developers. It seemed like nickel and dime billing and general unresponsiveness were the standard when dealing with other web developers.

The entire team at Forix is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to work with. We’re extremely thankful to have found Forix. They went above and beyond when designing our new website and we’ve had nothing but compliments from our customers. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship and growing our business with Forix.”

“We wanted a website and app that reflected our commitment to innovation and customer service, while also streamlining the sales and support process for our reps and distributors. Forix was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for, and then some. Now that the site has launched, they’re helping us leverage this new technology and capture more market share. Forix’s proactive approach means that we’ll have regular analytics and insights to continually improve both our app and new website. I highly recommend Forix as a developer and strategic partner.”

“Partnering with Magento and Forix for our ecommerce solution has given us a great looking, highly functional presence in the world of internet commerce. The flexibility of the Magento platform, which offers innumerable extensions for customization, paired with the creative and responsive Forix Solutions team have provided an unlimited opportunity to optimize our site and reflect well for our ecommerce business as well as our stores and brand.”

“A desk is as personal a product as your car or your wardrobe. As such, we offer a highly configurable customizable product in our Jarvis adjustable height standing desk. While offering a best-in-class product, we needed an e-commerce site with an intuitive interface and robust infrastructure to support our growing business.

We partnered with Forix to design and develop our highly customized Magento solution to begin building our brand online. They not only delivered, but our customers have been increasingly pleased with our new site experience. We are too. The launch happened rather seamlessly, and as hoped, traffic, conversion rates, and sales are up.”

“I’m a manager for a tool manufacturing company, and I handle everything related to internal technology. Forix helped us rebuild and upgrade our website from Magento 1.3.3 to Magento 2.0 for design and security reasons. They refreshed the whole design, built it from the ground up, imported our existing data, and then added some extra bells and whistles…

In the end, we had the smoothest launch I’ve ever been a part of, and this is the fourth version of the website I’ve seen. The website launched, orders rolled in, and it was pretty cool.”

“We needed a partner that really understands mobile and connected technology. Forix worked with us every step of the way to make sure that we could get a high-quality product to market quickly. We really enjoyed working with the whole Forix team, and because of their excellent organization and communication skills we are now well positioned to disrupt our market in a big way.”