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Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Big Cartel Comparison

Making the right platform decision for your eCommerce website takes time, consideration, and careful comparison of your options. Salesforce Cloud Commerce gives you a robust platform for businesses of any kind or size, while Big Cartel gives a focused option that’s best suited for creatives. With two platforforixms suited for different needs, you’ll want to know exactly how these eCommerce solutions can benefit you.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce


Salesforce Cloud Commerce’s eCommerce platform is one with a lot of flexibility. It can serve small businesses just as well as large ones, and the scalability means that your online store can grow as your business does. It’s also simple to use and easy to start, with great resources available in both the community and through customer support. However, you can’t try Salesforce Cloud Commerce before you buy, and the quote-based purchase system may not be the friendliest to your potential budget.


Big Cartel


Where Salesforce Cloud Commerce works for any type of business, Big Cartel caters especially to creatives who make and sell their own art pieces. It’s a compelling alternative to Etsy, where fees can get in the way of profitability. You can easily connect your in-person sales to your store through Square purchasing, allowing your stock to stay up-to-date. There’s also a variety of pricing plans to meet your inventory needs, and you’ll always have free access to the basic 5 product plan. However, you’re limited on reports and blogging options, and there’s limited support that doesn’t improve for higher product tiers.


Which One Is Best for You?


Naturally, the first question to ask in this comparison is: Are you a creative that makes and sells your own work? If not, then scratch Big Cartel off your list. Salesforce Cloud Commerce can easily meet your needs, as can any of the other numerous eCommerce platforms out there. Still, if you are a creative who makes and sells your own work, the solution isn’t as simple as to hop on over to Big Cartel and setup, as Salesforce Cloud Commerce can still meet your needs.


You should take the time to figure out if the restrictions on Big Cartel are enough to get in the way of your business. No reports means no marketing insights to help improve business, no built-in blogging capabilities means you lose out on an easy way to build your marketing material (though you can integrate an existing blog with some work), and limited customer support hours with no priority for higher tiers can mean frustration when your site goes down. These are all areas that Salesforce Cloud Commerce excels in, so there are benefits on that end.


However, you do have set and upfront pricing options with Big Cartel, which can be appealing if you’re a small-scale creative looking to have an extra outlet to market your products. Your best bet is to give the free forever plan a quick spin to see if it does what you need – and if not, head elsewhere. Contact a Forix digital expert to decide which eCommerce platform is best for you.



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