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Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Hybris Comparison

Salesforce Cloud Commerce compared to Hybris
Making the right platform decision for your eCommerce website takes time, consideration, and careful comparison of your options. Salesforce Cloud Commerce gives you a robust platform for businesses of any kind or size, while Hybris is also a strong solution that can handle your website regardless of what channel you desire to conduct sales in. With two dynamic platforms containing a plethora of advanced features, you’ll want to understand exactly how these eCommerce solutions can benefit you.




With an easy to use and completely centralized order management system built to improve business functionality, Hybris is readily equipped to streamline all your essential processes. At the same time, the platform’s starting price is costly, which can make it inaccessible for many companies. Since the community is smaller, it can be hard to get help with platform management or find adept Hybris developers. It also does not feature analytics or reporting capabilities, which can minimize its effectiveness for eCommerce endeavors.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce


Salesforce Cloud Commerce’s platform has a lot of flexibility. It can serve small businesses just as well as large ones, and the scalability means that your online store can grow as your business does. It’s also simple to use and easy to start, with great resources available in both the community and through customer support. However, you can’t try Salesforce Cloud Commerce before you buy, and the quote-based purchase system may not be the friendliest to your potential budget.


Which One Is Best for You?


Naturally, the first question to ask in this comparison is: How much support do you need? If you are anticipating needing technical assistance to help you launch and get acclimated to the platform, you should probably go with Salesforce Cloud Commerce. Unlike Hybris, Salesforce is much easier to launch and use, and has a strong community of support in addition to responsive customer service.


Nevertheless, both platforms are in the expensive range relative to other eCommerce solutions available on the market. Since both Hybris and Salesforce Cloud Commerce have a quote-based pricing system, you will have to speak with the companies to determine how much your rate will be.


In addition, the fact that Hybris does not include analytics or reporting features may be a restriction you’ll want to consider. No reports mean no marketing insights to help improve business, no built-in blogging capabilities mean you lose out on an easy way to build your marketing material (though you can integrate an existing blog with some work), and limited customer support hours with no priority for higher tiers can mean frustration when your site goes down. These are all areas that Salesforce Cloud Commerce excels in, so there are benefits on that end.


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