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Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing Comparison

Can’t decide between Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing for your eCommerce platform? You’re in the right place. Have a look at the main differentiating factors between these top contenders to see which sounds the most like what your business needs. If you still need more advice about which platform to choose, talk to someone at Forix for help.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce


Between the two, Salesforce Cloud Commerce is the more scalable option. Salesforce has rich features tailored toward large companies and enterprises. If you’re struggling to manage your small business after starting out on a different platform, Salesforce might be the right choice for you. Online sellers who are just starting out or who are operating lean businesses may prefer simpler options, however, because they don’t need such a robust platform. As small businesses grow, they may revisit Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing, since Salesforce offers more features and options.




Sellbeing is a straightforward, easy-to-use eCommerce platform with no bells or whistles. It provides simple tools for business owners to create and manage online stores, along with all the features you’ll need for ongoing management and support. Shop owners can try Sellbeing for free for 14 days, after which they can choose from three different plans depending on the size and level of business:


  • Mini, $9/month. Up to 1GB of storage and 30 products.
  • Start up, $27/month. 3GB of storage and unlimited products.
  • Advanced, $77/month. 10 GB of storage and unlimited products.


All three plans come with no transaction fees, unlimited website traffic, ticket support, and all features included. The main attraction of Sellbeing for business owners is how simple the platform makes it to get started. Even if this is your very first venture into online sales, you can create a beautiful and intuitive digital store. Then, you can customize your product options, shipping rates, payment methods, and more with a few easy clicks of a button.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing: Which Will It Be?


If you’re on the fence about Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing, ask yourself if you need simple vs. robust. Sellbeing is a simple, affordable option for most small business owners. Remember: you aren’t stuck with the first platform you choose. Don’t be afraid to switch from one platform to another as your business grows and your needs change. Migrating from one platform to another is simpler than you may think with a good partner.


With the right agency specializing in migrations, you can let a team of experienced professionals handle your store’s platform change while you focus on running your business. Your customers won’t experience any downtime or interruptions while they try to shop during the transition – meaning you won’t lose any profits. Whether you’re trying to decide between Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Sellbeing or you know you need to migrate, Forix can help just reach out.



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