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Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. Shopify Plus Comparison

Salesforce Cloud Commerce compared to Shopify Plus
Finding the best eCommerce solution to meet your needs can be a challenge, but the good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from. One of those potential choices is Salesforce Cloud Commerce, which gives an incredibly effective and user-friendly experience. You may also consider Shopify Plus, which can give you incredible customization options. So, which one is right for you? See how the two measure up with our comparison guide.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce


Overall, Salesforce Cloud Commerce stands as a highly popular eCommerce option that’s easy to use and work with, both in the realm of developing your site and getting accurate CRM data. The cloud capacity of this solution also means that you have a scalable solution that will grow as you do, making it an effective choice for any business, no matter the size. However, the mobile user experience isn’t optimal, and pricing is only available as a quote based on your needs.


Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus is another prevalent eCommerce platform ideal for mid-level and enterprise-level online retailers that need a certain amount of scalability to stay on top of their consumers’ ever-changing demands. With an easy-to-use admin panel and low technical maintenance overhead, Shopify Plus streamlines tasks like product management, order management, and establishing and editing products for your eCommerce website. However, the Shopify Plus platform is still relatively simple, and it can’t cater to the needs of all businesses. Since Shopify Plus is a hosted software as a service (SaaS) platform rather than a self-hosted eCommerce solution, it will allow you to spend less time dealing with hosting management and peak preparation, which will free up time for more-productive tasks related to business development or product management.


Which One Is Best for You?


Both Salesforce Cloud Commerce and Shopify Plus can work for businesses of different sizes, but Salesforce Cloud Commerce handles large companies much better than Shopify Plus can. Salesforce Cloud Commerce also has the edge in terms of complete services, as Shopify Plus is still short some integrations that are essential for any eCommerce store to reach its full capacity. These features may come into play later, but for now, Salesforce Cloud Commerce is on top.


Another major issue with Shopify Plus is that it is prone to experiencing technical issues when a product database becomes too extensive, which can be especially detrimental for eCommerce sales. For now, Shopify Plus is best suited for relatively large brands with relatively small product databases, and mid-level companies with relatively basic needs and simple product catalogs.


In regard to how much support each platform can offer users, both are equally strong providers. While Salesforce Cloud Commerce has a diverse support community and helpful customer support, Shopify Plus users have the benefit of being supported by an account manager who is available to assist with technical problems and provide basic pointers for improving the store, which can be helpful for users who are looking for the ideal apps or need help resolving technical issues.


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