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Secure Payment and Shipping Options for Firearms Websites

An online presence is mandatory in today’s business world. Whether a firearms business works with other FFLs (federal firearms licensees) or sells directly to end customers, it needs a user- friendly and regulatory compliant website to meet the digital demands of consumers. A strong, credible online presence often comes down to payment security and shipping options.

Barriers to E-Commerce in the Firearms Industry

FFLs must comply with the ATF enforced Gun Control Act of 1968, as well as state and local firearms laws. In addition to these industry specific regulations, FFLs are responsible for meeting the regulatory requirements of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for transactions that involve credit cards. Many firearms manufacturers, dealers, and pawnbrokers shy away from a digital presence, because they fear that it will increase risks associated with the distribution and sales of firearms.

Instead of increasing risk, the right e-commerce setup can actually lower risk. An e-commerce site can streamline regulatory compliance and shipping activities. Automated and secure systems can identify, track, and log information, so business owners can focus on growth-driven business activities.

Payment Security and Firearms Websites

Most modern e-commerce platform developers build e-commerce checkout pages that meet the latest PCI DSS standards. Compliance with the current security standards reduces the risk of a data breach and improves brand credibility. An e-commerce platform such as Magento prioritizes payment security and eliminates regulatory requirement concerns.

Using Magento, FFLs can integrate their online firearms stores with trustworthy payment gateways and extensions. Feel confident in the security of payment card data as it travels from the client’s browser directly to the appropriate payment gateway. With built-in payment security focused on PCI compliance, FFLs can focus on bringing in new sales for the business.

Shipping Options for Firearms Websites

In the firearms and ammunition industry, shipping can encounter obstacles in ATF, state, and local compliance. The good news is that cutting-edge digital shipping options eliminate the need for manual oversight. An FFL solution from Magento can easily integrate with ATF databases.

Identify other FFLs, give customers the ability to search for FFLs, block unauthorized purchasers from placing orders, and create the best shipping arrangements for each customer from a streamlined order management dashboard. In addition to ATF database checks, e-commerce solutions allow firearms dealers to use electronic transaction records (Form 4473) to log each digital transaction.

Give end customers the option to choose the closest FFL location for pickups and build lasting partnerships with other FFLs. Shipping automation takes the guesswork out of delivery activities for both buyers and sellers.

Building a Winning E-Commerce Solution for Firearms and Ammunition

FFLs and end customers are looking for digital solutions that simplify the process of purchasing a firearm, accessories, and ammunition. The right e-commerce solution can streamline the entire process for both sellers and buyers. Built-in payment security and compliance-focused shipping options can eliminate the need for extensive paper files and complex shipping arrangements.

As more customers use mobile devices and computers to explore and purchase products of all kinds, they expect the same level of convenience from the firearms industry. Build your reputation as a high quality FFL with an e-commerce solution that prioritizes usability and regulatory compliance during payment and shipping processes. Partner with Forix for web development solutions that prioritize payment and shipping security for your website today.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is for commercial and educational purposes and is not legal advice or opinion and should not be relied upon as such. Forix does not make any claims to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information contained on this site as all laws including firearms laws may change without notice at any given time. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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