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Segmentation Boosts Sales for the Wholesale Industry with Magento

Segmentation Boosts Sales for the Wholesale Industry Magento
Magento managed services can help your wholesale business run more smoothly. A successful wholesale business requires total integration into your website’s design. Taking the time to redesign your website can only help to grow your business in the end. Here’s a look at some of the key features that can help to boost your sales.


Customize Segments


Customer segments allow you to display customized content for each of your customers. Send personalized offers, display targeted products and allow customers to view their order history. Giving customers a place to access their personal data reduces the amount of time spent in the checkout process. No longer will your customer need to fill out their information every time they place a wholesale order.


Store important details in the segmented account and give users the option to complete the sale faster. This is especially important in the wholesale industry when placing orders frequently for the same items. Repeating the same order over and over again is cause for frustration, sending wholesale clients to a competitor’s website. Avoid this by streamlining your site and providing easy access to reorders. Magento agency Forix is here to help with Magento B2B services and support.


Verify a Customer’s Identity


As a wholesaler, you don’t want to give just anyone access to your wholesale site. Magento managed services can help you to create a verification for new customers to make sure they are accessing the right information. You can request approvals, have them fill out an application and upload business documents as a form of proof.


After you have a chance to browse their information, you or a designated employee can approve the application if the customer meets the qualifications. This process lets interested businesses know approval is not granted for everyone in the program. It makes your products seem more valuable and gets wholesalers interested in what you have to offer. By only giving access to those who meet the requirements, you are ensuring your products are being distributed through wholesalers who have a legitimate background.


Spend Less Time on Maintenance


With Magento managed services, you can reduce the time spent on website maintenance. Imagine leaving your website up to the professionals, getting a flawless user experience every time. No longer will you need to be your own tech support. Instead, let your Magento B2B business rest in the hands of the experts. Magento managed services will let you get back to handling the parts of your business you love.


You will also reduce the budget spent on an IT department. Instead of paying for in-house support, you can contract out the support for your site. Someone will be available at all times to make sure your site is running as it should, never having to worry about disaster management. Magento ongoing support with Forix provide automatic backup of all your information for peace of mind.


Magento ongoing support with Forix are an investment in the future of your wholesale business. Giving customers customized access to your site is the best way to ensure repeat business. Forix offers Magento managed support for your business from a team of trained experts. Adobe Magento has endless benefits, see for yourself by chatting with a Forix expert.

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