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The significance of Magento 2 optimization


The most common problem a Magento 2 store owner faces is the slowing down of the Magento website. This issue typically occurs due to the heavy loading of product images, codes, and third-party tools. The impact of slow websites can be huge on conversion rates and profits.

If your Magento 2 website is facing issues chances, chances are you require the services of Magento 2 optimization and Magento support and maintenance services Optimization services will help your website perform better and help you gain back your conversion rate.

Why is Magento speed optimization important?
Three important reasons make Magento speed optimization a necessity for businesses. A slow-loading Magento that isn’t optimized to offer the best user experiences can cause a significant problem for you. Additionally, websites that aren’t performing well on the search engine results pages can also notice a rapid drop in conversion rates.

Given below are certain ways through which Magento 2 speed optimization is helpful to businesses:

  1. Improvement in page speed: – This process is carried out by optimizing your website images. Larger images may cause your website to load slowly and the removal of such images can help your website load faster.
  2. Enhanced user experience: – A faster loading speed helps customers navigate through your website with ease. This encourages customers to buy products from your website frequently. This way you can retain old customers and acquire new customers.
  3. Better Search engine optimization: – Image optimization ensures that your website is ranked higher in the search engine result pages. This way you can increase the exposure of your website and gather new leads.

What are some Magento 2 image optimization practices?

  1. The best way to optimize your Magento website is by changing the image size. The optimization is carried out with the help of three ways namely the retention of the original aspect ratio of the image, compression of images, and choosing pictures that aren’t too big.
  2. Changing the image format is another great way to optimize your Magento website. Google prefers the use of Web images these days and is therefore commonly used by websites.
  3. Optimize your images to enhance your SEO efforts. This can be accomplished by writing your Alt tags strategically, naming the image files clearly, and building a sitemap of your website.
  4. Replace certain images with vector images and fonts if possible. This will not only help you make your store lighter but also cleaner.
  5. Make sure to remove any images that are in formats that cause delays this may include gifs, photos, or other media forms.
  6. You can make use of the fast image optimization service also known as Fastly IO handle different image formats.

Thus, by following the above-mentioned you will be able to carry out basic optimization practices. You can also choose to invest in certified Magento speed optimization services to attain better results. With either of the two options, you will be able to achieve fruitful results.

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