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Signs That Your Automotive Site Needs Magento Website Maintenance

Magento Website Maintenance for automotive
Your website is your online storefront. It is important to keep it up-to-date and showing the best face of your company. Magento website maintenance from Forix allows you to take care of your business while we take care of your website for you. Check out this list of reasons why your website might benefit from Magento website maintenance.


Outdated Information


A website full of outdated information will send your customers to the competition. Outdated information sends a negative message to those looking to connect with your business. Potential clients might see it as your shop has closed, or a message saying you don’t care about customer service. Magento website maintenance keeps your site up-to-date, connecting your automotive customers with everything they need.


Your Brand Has Evolved


Over time, your brand evolves. Design elements change, customer personas develop, and so does the needs of your website. When your website is no longer showing your best elements, it’s time for an overhaul. Magento website maintenance and Magento ongoing support help to keep up brand recognition, giving your customers a fresh look at what you have to offer. Our Magento agency will work with you to make sure your website reflects your current identity.


Lack of Social Media


Over 79% of people online use Facebook. If your website does not connect your automotive e-commerce store to your customers on social media, it may be a sign you need a professional data-driven redesign. Magento website maintenance can add social media links, allowing customers to visit your brand on multiple platforms with the click of a button. Enjoy better lead nurturing and conversion growth, show off the human aspects of your company and build an online community of automotive lovers.


Not Mobile-Friendly


One in five Americans is dependent on their smartphone for internet access, having no other way of accessing the internet. If your business does not provide a way to reach out on a mobile device, you are missing a large part of your audience. Forix can help you design a responsive website available on all platforms. Give your customers a streamlined experience from any screen.


Boost Your Google Rank


If your site is slowly sliding to the bottom of the search results, this could be a sign your site is in need of a professional redesign. Google is constantly changing the algorithms, making it hard to determine exactly why your site is losing steam. Luckily our team of developers has the training to get you back where you belong with Magento technical support. We can help increase speed, check your mobile version and look for broken links. With the help of a site redesign from Forix’s Magento website maintenance, your site will jump back to the top.


Site Security


84% of people will not make a purchase from an unsecured e-commerce store. If you have not taken a recent look at securing your data, it’s time to have the professionals step in. Increasing security on your site leads to trust built between you and your customers. One breach of information and you will lose all of your customers. Don’t become the victim of a cyber attack. Instead, use Magento website maintenance and Magento technical support from Forix to keep everything secure.


Reach out to learn more from Forix digital website experts. Implement Adobe Commerce Cloud with Forix’s support every step of the way.

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