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Signs Your eCommerce Platform Needs Magento Managed Services

The Magento eCommerce platform is one of the most versatile toolsets available for business-to-consumer websites. Developing a new rollout or implementation plan can be stressful and entail a host of bugs and issues that can impact customer experiences, but not when you work with Forix. Our team has the experience to provide the Magento managed services you need to consistently create valuable customer experiences, so consider a few of the signs that it may be time for a switch.


Your Existing Site Is Too Slow


Nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a slow-loading, unresponsive eCommerce site. If your platform is unresponsive, clunky, or simply too slow, the customer who was about to complete a checkout will likely click away to a competitor’s site. Magento ongoing support from Forix empowers you to stay competitive by streamlining the checkout process and working cohesively with other elements of your Adobe Experience Manager tools. Forix can help identify design and development issues that may be bogging down your page loading speeds and checkout process, issues that can cause you to lose valuable customers.


Your Conversion Rate Keeps Dropping


Conversion rate is the rate at which users click to your website and then complete sales. When users abandon shopping carts or click away before completing a purchase, this drops your conversion rate. When your website is attractive, streamlined, and intuitive for users, this helps boost conversion rate. Investing in Magento managed support from Forix means there is no more guesswork; our team will uncover exactly what is causing your conversion rate to drop and implement changes in real time to capitalize on shifting market trends.


Ultimately, the Magento platform offers you a way to improve customer satisfaction and create better customer experiences with agility. Magento offers dynamic search features and intuitive design layouts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to use. With advanced product filtering tools, you can help users find exactly what they need from your eCommerce store and complete the checkout process with confidence.


Your Existing eCommerce Platform Doesn’t Scale


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform you can scale to your exact needs. Instead of investing in more expensive platforms with less flexible customization options and paying for options you don’t need or will never use, consider how the Magento platform can work cohesively with your other digital assets and existing content management systems. Magento support services from Forix will help you address changes and issues as they arise so there is minimal interruption to your eCommerce platform, and you can continue to rake in sales from your streamlined, intuitive eCommerce suite.


To learn more about your eCommerce platform, reach out to our Magento experts at Forix.



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