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Sports South Integration with Magento Websites

Magento 2 Migration

Sports South LLC is the nation’s oldest and leading firearms and ammunition distributor. Founded in 1841 by two Welsh settlers, Sports South began as a supplier to the nation’s pioneers. Starting with derringers and muzzle-loaders, Sports South today provides the latest models of firearms, gun parts, ammunition, and shooting accessories to licensed dealers all over the United States. Sports South continues its proud tradition today using the Magento eCommerce suite to provide convenient, secure service to customers around the country.


Firearms Industry Regulations


Professionals in the firearms industry understand the unique restrictions and licensing requirements facing gun distributors and retailers all over the country. It’s essential to adhere to federal firearms regulations, or you risk your entire business and may face criminal liability. When customers purchase firearms online, they do not receive their purchased items through the mail like other online transactions. Guns and controlled firearm parts, accessories, and ammunition must go through licensed local gun dealers who arrange for customer pickup.


It’s essential for there to be strong communication and cohesion between firearms distributors and federal firearms license holders, and the Magento platform offers an unparalleled degree of security and functionality for online firearm purchases. Thanks to its open source nature, Magento is highly customizable in the hands of the right web developer. Distributors like Sports South rely on the Magento ecommerce suite to meet federal firearms regulations and better serve customers.


eCommerce sites built with the Magento platform offers customers security and reliability. Payments and payment information are secure, and Magento integrates seamlessly into website foundations like WordPress. Customers can easily complete purchases from Sports South licensed retailers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from secure transactions and ease of use. On the other end, retailers and distributors like Sports South can take advantage of the inventory control and content management tools to better serve their customers and avoid unnecessary delays and bugs.


Magento Gives Gun Sellers an Edge


Gun purveyors understand that some items may be harder to secure for customers than others are, and the Magento platform offers real-time inventory tracking to eliminate headaches. Instead of dealing with misrepresentative inventory reports, Magento integrates with Sports South distribution applications to provide customers with accurate product availability reports, inventory levels, and much more. Order and inventory management are simpler and faster with Magento, which is why Sports South, the nation’s oldest and leading online retailer of firearms and ammunition, uses the platform to connect with local licensed gun dealers all over the country.


The Magento platform is accessible, customizable, reliable, and stable. In the hands of the right web development team, any eCommerce site can seamlessly integrate its existing applications with the Magento suite for improved functionality and stability. The team at Forix helps online retailers build better websites, and the Magento platform is easily one of the most successful eCommerce toolkits available. The web development team at Forix can help ensure your new integration with the Magento platform rolls out smoothly. If you’re interested in how your online sales could improve using the power of Magento, reach out to the Forix team for more information.

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