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Stock Bug Out Bag Accessories to Increase Online Sales

Bug out bags equip survivalists with a few days’ worth of gear in case of an emergency. Preppers, survivalists, tacticians, and former boy/girl scouts all build bug out bags to keep on hand at home, in vehicles, and when they travel. For firearms dealers, the bug out bag trend represents a great e-commerce opportunity.

Popular Bug Out Bag Firearm Accessories


Consider dedicating a section of your e-commerce store to bug out bag requirements. Complete with all of the products an individual might need for 72 hours, a bug out section gives shoppers every reason to add more gear to their purchases – especially if your store enforces a minimum dollar amount for free shipping.

Popular bug out bag contents include:


  • Nutrition/hydration products. Water filter straws/bottles, protein bars, and packaged meals always make the bug out bag list. Small cooking/eating utensils may also fit in the bag.


  • Clothing. Layered clothing that can accommodate concealed firearms and fit any season goes in most bug out bags.


  • Firearms and ammo. Bug out bag preppers often carry an EDC firearm and include an extra firearm in their bug out bag (if they plan to store the bag in a secure and legal location). These two firearms should perform well in both self-defense and hunting activities. The bag should contain enough ammo to provide reasonable protection without weighing down the pack.


  • Firearm gear. A waistband holster, shoulder harness, and belt holster can all come in handy during survival situations. Most bug out bag preppers look for accessories that will make their firearms as inconspicuous as possible.


  • Light and warmth. Flashlights, matches, tinder, magnesium fire starters, and space blankets take up very little room and can make a world of difference in a survival situation. These essential items can save lives in extreme conditions.


  • The bag. The bag itself is a major part of the selection process. It should fit all of the items an individual expects to carry and feel light enough for a several mile hike. Many individuals choose tactical gear bags to store their items as compactly as possible.


  • Hygiene and first aid. Hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper, toothbrush/paste, a brush, and small towel will round out the hygiene items. Insect repellant, snakebite kits, and general first aid items can be of assistance during small health emergencies.


For some bug out bag preppers, the list goes on to include a compact shelter and sleeping bag or blanket. For others, the bag contains only the most essential items. Regardless of an individual’s preference, a firearms e-commerce provider can take the full list of bug out bag supplies and develop a hefty and profitable bug out bag product selection. Each of these accessories represents an easy, low-cost, shopping cart add-on that can drive up the total value of a sale.


To add further value to the e-commerce experience, develop how-to videos for compiling a bug out bag and create tutorials survivalists can use to flesh out their own bug out bags. These compact bags of essentials come in handy during power outages, severe storms, public emergencies, and more. Every firearm owner can benefit from building an easily accessible bug out bag.


Develop an e-commerce site that universally appeals to bug out bag creators with help from Forix. We are a full-service Magento certified site development firm that specializes in firearms industry e-commerce sites. Contact us today.

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