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Strategies to Boost Your Magento CRO

You can’t have a functioning website without understanding how your customers interact with your site and what is stopping them from completing a purchase. Once you know and understand the numbers, you can use Magento performance optimization to create a shopping experience they will love. Here’s a look at some of the things you can offer your customers with Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Better Search Results


Magento provides your customers with better search engine results. By cataloging the items in your eCommerce store, Magento can then sort them based on certain characteristics. Better search results mean your customers are able to find exactly what they need, which leads to more sales and a better conversion rate.


Faster Checkout Options


By offering multiple checkout options and giving customers a way to store their information securely on your site, you are increasing your conversion rate. If storing information on your site makes customers nervous, offing an option like PayPal makes them feel more secure during the checkout process. The more payment options you offer, the more flexibility you show your customers.


Drag and Drop Products


Drag and drop shopping carts allow customers to literally pick up the items and put them in the shopping cart just like they would in a store. It’s an easy action, allowing them to get exactly the right product. This is sometimes an overlooked way of Magento conversion rate optimization, but it gives customers a new and fun way to check out with your products.


Customer Segmentation


Customer segmentation allows you to show certain groups of customers specialized product listings. When customers create an account on your site, they can select options to fit them into a category. As the site owner, you can determine which category of customers sees which catalog of items. For example, B2C customers will see the retail pricing for your items while B2B customers can see the wholesale pricing.  Instead of managing two completely separate websites, you can stick with one, knowing your customers are getting exactly what they need to complete their transaction.


Using Google Analytics


One of the best ways to track conversion rate optimization in Magento is through Google Analytics. This free tool allows you to see site statistics such as:


  • Conversion rate
  • Exit rate
  • Bounce rate
  • The average length of a visitor’s session


These statistics can help you figure out where customers are running to trouble with your page. Forix will help you interpret all the numbers, finding a solution that will increase CRO and customer satisfaction all at once.


If you are looking to increase your Magento site performance optimization, get in touch with the team at Forix. We have the experience and the knowledge to help transform your website into a seamless experience for your customers.



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