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Streamline Your eCommerce Checkout for Higher CRO

A streamlined eCommerce checkout is a way to encourage customers to complete the checkout process. Forix can help you design a website that flows, taking customers to the end with no problems at all. Here’s a look at a few tips we use when designing websites for an increased eCommerce conversion rate.


Make Your Forms Flow


Add fillable fields to your checkout process in a way that makes sense to the customer. Don’t come out of the gate asking for money. Instead, ask for some basic contact information like name and email address. Users are less likely to abandon the checkout process after they have already entered information into the blocks for fear of starting the process all over again. By creating a flow of information, you can encourage your customers to keep going all the way to the end.


Reduce the Amount of Fields


While it is important to give customers enough fields to fill out, it is also important not to overwhelm them with too many forms. Only ask customers for necessary information. There are plugins that ask a customer to only type in their zip code, causing the form to automatically fill in the city and the state. This cuts out two fields from the list, decreasing the amount of typing needed. Any of these tools will help your customers reach the checkout page faster, increasing your CRO conversion rate optimization.


Automatic Fill


Like with the zip code automated fill, any other fields you can offer your customers help filling out will greatly reduce the time needed to check out. Forix can help you design a website where each customer has an account. When they sign into their account, important information such as billing and shipping addresses, email addresses and payment options are all stored on the site. The website can automatically plug this information into the site for your customers, allowing them to complete checkout with the click of a button.


Free Shipping


One of the top reasons customers abandon their shopping cart at the last minute is a hefty shipping fee. Offering free shipping to your customers does not increase the price at the last minute, saving them from jumping ship and increasing your conversion rate optimization (CRO). In order to support free shipping in your business, you can opt to charge a few dollars more for each product, or you can include free shipping when the total purchase price reaches a certain amount. By adding these extra incentives, you will increase conversion rate and your sales numbers.


Streamlining the checkout process gives your customers a reason to finish the checkout process. Some sites offer one-click purchasing, giving customers no time to reconsider the purchase. By creating a seamless process, you will increase your eCommerce conversion rate optimization.


Want to hear more about making checkout as painless as possible for your customers? Get in touch with Forix to learn more.

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