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Tactical Firearm E-Commerce Websites

Over the last several years the term “tactical” in the firearms industry has become somewhat of a marketing buzzword. Traditionally referring to firearms used in strategic military operations, tactical refers to any firearm used for military/law enforcement purposes or in a combat training scenario. The Beretta M9 Pistol, the Sig Sauer P320 Pistol, and the AR-15 all represent examples of tactical firearms.


Ways to Improve a Tactical Firearm E-Commerce Website


Individuals interested in tactical firearms come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some appreciate tactical weapons as self-defense tools. Others come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Security professionals and preppers may also demonstrate an interest in this selective area of the firearms industry.


To reach this target market and drive online sales, e-commerce firearms dealers can incorporate these online store ideas:


  • Partner with tactical training service providers. This is especially helpful for stores that target local demographics. Find noncompeting tactical course trainers in the area, and work together to drive sales at both locations. Encourage your shoppers to find their tactical gear on your site and then head over to a recommended (or-in house) training course or shooting range for tactical skills development courses.


  • Incorporate product recommendations. When site visitors navigate to a tactical product, showcase related products on the page. For example, an e-commerce page for a tactical pistol could include a concealed carry jacket, a tactical gear bag, and a pair of high powered binoculars. Today, the term “tactical” represents an entire lineup of firearms, gear, and accessories. Give your customers every reason to add one more product to their shopping carts.


  • Create more content. Introduce your tactical product lines with some brief information about your selection process, the quality of the products, and use cases for tactical gear. Convert firearms enthusiasts who didn’t know exactly how they would use tactical products in their daily lives.


Consider creating a resource page with helpful information for specific markets. Provide updates on local and federal laws, share information about new products, provide shooting tips, and demonstrate the benefit of purchasing a tactical backpack, footwear, or a particular firearm.


  • Clarify the sales process. Online firearms sales have been around for years, but many gun owners still prefer to make their purchases in a store. Use a dealer locator to give your customers the option of an in-store experience and provide crucial information about the federally regulated shipping process for end customer sales. With clear information about the online sales process, customers can enjoy peace of mind as they fill their shopping carts with firearms and gear.


  • Use visuals to support online sales. Post videos and professional imagery to showcase firearms and gear from multiple angles. In addition to the quintessential firearm shot from the side, include photographs that capture every angle of the firearm for customer exploration.


As the word “tactical” continues to trend online, an increasing number of consumers are starting to explore tactical product offerings from online retailers. Give your target market every reason to purchase a firearm from your business with these ideas for a better e-commerce experience.


The team at Forix helps tactical firearms sellers build Magento driven e-commerce solutions firearms purchasers prefer. For more information about growing your business with a cutting-edge online store, contact us today.

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