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The Role of Social Media in Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimization
Social media has become an influential aspect that no e-commerce business can afford to ignore. However, social accounts can do much more than draw in customers and spread news. An effective social media campaign will also take advantage of these platforms to help play a role in conversion rate optimization. The Magento ongoing support team here at Forix can implement compatible social media extensions that can boost conversation rate optimization.


Connecting to More Than Just Landing Pages

Social media is an excellent way to drive traffic to your Magento website landing pages but creating that direct line for the customers doesn’t always bring the best results. After all, it’s no surprise that your posts would be promoting a product sale, which may not impress a potential customer enough that they readily complete the conversion.

Instead of your social media posts just linking back to your website, consider linking it to third-party sites that feature your products, like reviews. If the promotion for the product isn’t coming directly from you, it ensures customers that someone else found the product worthwhile, validating the decision to possibly purchase it.


Choosing the Appropriate Channels

All social media are good choices for spreading the word about your business, especially if you go to the places where your customers gather. However, the channels that you use to try and drive further conversions may differ.

One excellent example of this is Pinterest. While Pinterest has fewer registered users than some other social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest is ripe with opportunity for conversions. Why? Because most Pinterest users use the platform to find inspiration on what to buy, which is a much lower priority on other channels. Focusing your efforts on the best social media for conversions will make for a much more effective CRO strategy.


Featuring User-Generated Content

Much like how linking to third-party pages validates someone’s decision to consider buying your product, user-generated content works much the same way. Encouraging user submissions, use of hashtags, and even reviews all build an extra level of trust about your product, making you more appealing to potential buyers.

After you’ve generated user content, you can then do the work to promote it on your site. Create a special page, or even share submissions back through social media. You’ll begin to build interest and work the social aspect of social media to your advantage.


Sell Through Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms allow customers to buy directly from their social media feeds. These store integrations provide yet another venue for customers to quickly access your products and complete a purchase, all with minimal hassle.


Integrating Magento Website Social Media Extensions With Forix

To help facilitate social media in your CRO strategy, the Magento support services team at Forix has several extensions designed to facilitate social sign-ins, comments, sharing across platforms, and even social media commerce options that allow you to sell directly from your social media feeds. Get the most from these extensions with Magento ongoing support at Forix.

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