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Three Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Magento

Three Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Magento
Among eCommerce platforms, Magento is one of the most versatile and popular options available. Magento 2 offers an improved and optimized version of the original platform, bringing in even better features and performance to online stores. Bringing these capabilities together means you can optimize your store in terms of design, features, and back-end tools to provide a better customer experience.


While you want to choose an eCommerce platform that works best for your business, not many are as versatile as Magento. Companies of any size and type can find the Magento plan, tools, and extensions to help make the most of their websites. If you’re planning on migrating your existing store but aren’t sure which one you should consider, here are three reasons why you should migrate to a Magento website.


  1. Performance


Website performance is essential for your customer’s experience. From product information pages to your checkout procedure, a slow loading page can be enough for a potential buyer to complete their purchase somewhere else. When you can better display pages, you’ll not only attract customers, but you’ll also have an easier time with completing conversions and avoiding abandoned carts.


Magento can also handle much more traffic, keeping your site functioning even during the busiest of days. Magento 2 can handle 10 million page views an hour and, when you use the Enterprise Edition, a store can handle 90,000 orders in that same time frame. Both these capabilities are thanks to Magento’s cart options, cache systems, hosting improvement, and optimization for use with PHP 7.


  1. Advanced Administrative Features


When running your eCommerce website, you naturally want to give your customers the best experience possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is by having administrative features that make updating your website more efficient. Magento has numerous features that help you easily navigate the site update process. The admin interface is organized and intuitive, with very little learning curve for administrators and customized data filtering options.


You can also expect ease in product creation and editing, allowing you to quickly add new items to your store and open them for sales. Want to integrate video? Magento 2 natively supports Vimeo and YouTube videos throughout your site – and that integration expands into your mobile store. Multiple administrators can even work on the same product at once, boosting efficiency.


  1. Ways to Improve Customer Experience


While website performance plays a large role in customer experience, there are various other features that contribute. Magento’s features and tools allow you to boost user experience in multiple areas. The checkout procedures allow for simplified registration, PayPal integration, order details, and a minimum number of steps to help increase conversions.


You can also count on Magento’s search features to help customers find what they’re looking for. You can choose to work with the default Elasticsearch or find another extension that fits your store’s need. And your entire store will work through mobile devices, allowing you to reach these shoppers – no matter where they may be shopping from.


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